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Welcome...! I've remodelled!

Welcome to The (new and improved) House That Rebecca Built! Specifically, this is Rebecca Hb., whom you may know from a variety of places and under a variety of names. Most of them are variations on Rebecca, but you'll find some oddities if you know where to look. (And while she does actually answer to Maliar, this is not the place to be looking for her as such.)

On a side note, updates will not be regular. Ever. Period. End of sentence.

Updates are as follows: 07/12/06 - Posted Disheveled Reflector, Book-Reading Reflector, Exhausted Reflector, At the Beach Reflector, and At the Beach Breakdown.

06/11/06 - Posted Drinking Energon Reflector and Happy Breakdown. Reposted On His Knees Breakdown, as apparently the slash fangirls really like that one.

25/10/06 - Removed Playing With Kids Breakdown, Daring Breakdown, and On-His-Knees Breakdown so I can rewrite them.

30/09/06 - Posted Drinking Energon Blitzwing, which has some one-sided slashiness, Obedient Breakdown, Angsty Reflector, and Obedient Reflector, which has some kinky slashiness.

15/09/06 - Posted On Vacation Blitzwing and Obedient Blitzwing, which has some kinky het in it.

12/09/06 - Posted On-His-Knees Blitzwing and Jealous Breakdown.

10/09/06 - Posted Last Kiss Good Night, wherein Optimus and Elita say their good-byes before Ark-launch.

23/08/06 - Posted Caring Breakdown, wherein the Stunticons visit a bath-house, and Daring Reflector, wherein the camera gets to skydive.

17/08/06 - Posted Spindle Drop, wherein Will Turner goes to visit Tia Dalma in PotC2.

08/08/06 - Posted An Hour of His Time, wherein four minibots have a late-night bull session.

07/08/06 - Posted Dominant Blitzwing, wherein Blitzwing abducts Catechism for some forcible redecorating. Also tweaked my Links page.

22/07/06 - Posted Caring Reflector, wherein Skywarp runs into quite a lot of trouble.

10/07/06 - Went through my 31_days fics and picked out the best ones to post here. There are new two new Matrix fics, one new Jackie Chan Adventures fic, and four new Transformers fics.

08/07/06 - Posted Naughty Blitzwing and Kick-Ass Blitzwing to the Twenty-Eight Blitzwings fic.

26/06/06 - Shuffled my fic page around a wee bit. Put up three new Transformers "fics"; really, they're just collections of ficlets to go with the 28s meme that was floating around on Livejournal.

Pondering how and when to set up the Transformers: 2112 section, which will hold the fics that fit into my principal timeline.

22/05/06 - New fic, Bad Cop. Brawl gets his Alternator upgrade. Run, Swindle, run.

15/05/06 - Cleaned out the site and rearranged things. Posted a new Transformers fanfic, Camera Care, wherein Skywarp makes it up to Reflector for painting Thundercracker in dazzle camouflage. Linked a new essay in the Writing Better section. Added a whole new Transformers section to the LJ Icons, as well as a bundle of new icons.

15/10/05 - Did some tweaking around the site.

07/09/05 - Posted another new fic, "Breaking of the Storm". Here, I use Megatron in order to meander on about what I believe about him, Dinobot, and Scorponok. It's post-"Code of Hero", so there are spoilers for that episode.

31/07/05 - Posted a new fic, "Mother-In-Law From Hell". This is another in my series of Mary Sue parodies, and is set in the G1 Transformers universe. Also, redesigned the layout of my fic page.

18/07/5 - Removed the Author's Commentary page. Posted up a triptych of JCA season five ficlets under the collective and cheesy name, "The Element Dance". Posted a very short Harry Potter fic I wrote for a ficathon, "Under the Faded Light of the Dog Star". Editted the "Writing the Traditional, Jamaican Way" essay in the Writing Better section slightly. Thinking about reorganizing my fic setup by fandom. Oh, and I added more links. Because I am prone to doing that.

29/05/05 - Posted "What Was" by Meghan Wilk to the Other People's Fics section. This is a companion piece to one of the Silver Tiger fics I posted the other day.

25/05/05 - Reorganized my fic page to give readers a better idea of when a story was written. Also posted three Silver Tiger fics that were written since the last time I updated the Other People's Fics section.

16/05/05 - Added the screenshot galleries for "Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place", "Firewall", and "Game Over". Betcha never thought I'd update there!

02/05/05 - Redesigned the site. Part of the redesign also included going through the links, so there've been updates there. Also posted a variety of icons that were from a past update I never got around to uploading. Plus, a variety of DAoC ficlets and one new piece of fanfiction that I finished since starting this project.

New piece of fanfic is a Jackie Chan Adventures piece set during S3 that centers around what the Enforcers were doing during the Christmas episode. Read "An Enforcer Christmas".

Past Updates

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