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Jackie Chan Adventures Stories

One of my all-time favorite fandoms, if only for the sheer whackiness involved. Alas, I never did get around to writing my Hak Foo epic.

Demonic Doings - Shendu is in Valmont's body. Whatever will he do with it? Not for young'uns.

Trapped in Jade - Drago thinks about the life ahead of him and how Jade fits into it. No S5 spoilers.

An Enforcer Christmas - We all know what Daolon Wong was doing on Christmas Eve during Season 3 (trying to drain Santa's chi), but what were the Enforcers doing?

The Element Dance - Three loosely-connected ficlets set in season five. This deals with the effects the Wind, Earth, and Fire demon chis have on their possessors. Also note, that the ficlet with the Fire demon chi was written shortly after I saw the third episode of the season and so have nothing to do with how they actually handled the fire demon chi.

The Shakes - Mid-S2. Shendu drinks gin and tries to get his teeth into why Valmont has become harder to control.