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Some of you may remember the CGI cartoon series, ReBoot. It ran for four seasons, with the fourth coming out only a couple of years ago, and the characters are very dear to my heart. It was my first fandom, and I met and made several good friends through it. I still have this vague notion that I'll rewrite "Sowers of Discord" and complete it someday.


Screencaptures taken from my own Season 3 DVDs, coupled with summaries of the episodes they're taken from. Incomplete.

TEWNN Female Guardian Shrine

A shrine to the unnamed, unlamented, infected female Guardian who fought Matrix and AndrAIa in The Episode With No Name.

ReBoot Genealogy

A project I put together to display the inter-relationships of various characters, post-S4. It's spoilery. It also links to my character bios.

Fan Artsy Scribblings

Some items relating to ReBoot that are vaguely artistic.

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