Exhausted Reflector

* * *

"Aw, is the poor ickle camerakins tired? Is he, is he, is he?" Skywarp cooed sickeningly as he poked at the camera triad. Behind him, Thundercracker poked curiously at one of the camantids, causing it to chitter.

Reflector had an arm flung across each set of optics, and he lay prone on his recharge berth, wires plugged into his sides. Processing visual data gave him a headache - the new technique of Scrapper's did not thrill him in that regard. Of course, the alternative would have been for the camera-spy to get his very own marker in the Decepticon Crypt so he hardly at room to complain.

Hardly having room, however, was a situation he worked very well in.

"Hey!" There was a small scuffle right next to his berth, and evidently Thundercracker won it as the blue jet knelt down next to his bed and started talking softly.

"Hey, Reflector. You all right?"

"I function." He would never admit to weakness to the two of them. He didn't trust them that much.

There was a moment of silence. "So, you feel like slag warmed over. Hnh." He drummed his fingers against Reflector's lens-cap, making a tiny current flicker through all of the camera's diodes. "Guess you're not really in the mood for anything right now."

Reflector shook his head sadly. "Go and fly. I'm going to be here until I'm back on duty."

Another silence, then Thundercracker pressed an awkward kiss to the central component's throat. "Yeah, sure." There was a rustle of metal as he stood up. "C'mon, Skywarp. Let him sleep."


Thundercracker growled, and Skywarp eeped quietly.

"Oh. Yeah. Sure, TC. Night, Fleccy!"

Reflector allowed himself a small smile as the door hissed shut behind them. He'd wanted Skywarp from the first, but he had to admit that Thundercracker was a very key and gratifying balance. He'd have to give the blue jet a thorough wing-polish when this was all done with.