Daring Reflector

* * *

"You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?"

Reflector glanced over at Blast Off. The shuttle had his nose angled up as the two-to-four of them, depending on who you asked, fell out of the sky. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"We're in freefall thirty-eight kilometers and counting down over the Pacific Ocean. You did this on purpose."

"You're being paranoid. Were I capable of engineering a targetted EMP to knock out our flight systems and nothing else, I wouldn't use it to skydive with." The camera continued to hold the position of a swan-dive with one of his components, the other two more interested in finding a way out of this situation than looking pretty.

"I am not paranoid," the shuttle huffed, still resolutely holding onto a proper landing angle.

"Of course not." Reflector smiled at himself, enjoying the sensations of freefall. His damage control computers gave him approximately twenty more minutes before his flight systems had repaired themselves from that failure-blast and had not even a guestimate for when his radio would be repaired. "I hope we're faster than whatever knocked us out. It was heading towards the Ark."

"You saw it?" Blast Off's tone betrayed an undercurrent of surprise. Understandable, really, since it had been the backwash of radiation from the creature that knocked them out of orbit.

"I did not. I saw its trail," Reflector corrected. "At the speed it was going, it's had to circle the planet several times to slow down properly. I expect to get a good look at it next time it goes overhead."

Blast Off mulled that over. "I saw the contrails of a craft pass by thrice already. Was that him?"

"Yes. It's not obvious, of course, unless you can look into the upper ends of the electromagnetic spectrum, as well."


"On the plus side, you have me, and the Autobots do not." Reflector chuckled as they continued to fall, the rush of air whipping away his voice but not his radio waves.

"What makes you think it's after the Autobots, Reflector?" Blast Off asked, and there was an edge to his question, a cutting edge.

Reflector smiled at the shuttle with all three faces. "I recognize some of the unique elements of his radiation. That's Sunstorm."