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10/13/04 - Posted Trapped in Jade, a JCA fanfic centered around the character of Drago.

08/17/04 - Look, more icons!

08/11/04 - Added a new section to display the various LJ icons I've made.

07/23/04 - Hey, look, an actual update! I'm posting a tipsheet to help people who are looking for good fanfic actually find out. Also, if you want to take a look at some of my unfinished fanfiction pieces, visit the Scraps section of my Deviantart account.

05/09/04 - Happy Mother's Day! And, it's International Hexadecimal Month! For those of you who are interested in reading Hex fic, pay a visit to my He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

05/03/04 - Posted a Neopets story that the Neopian Times won't accept for some pretty weird reasons. I didn't think they would accept it, because it isn't a nice story, but the grounds they chose to reject it on are just... weird.

05/01/04 - A few very minor things. Reorganized the way you get at "Pain", added a link to the Writing Better section, and did a little bit of formatting around the site. Oh, and there are more of my DAoC stories posted, including a pair that are mostly by another person but that I was involved in.

04/12/04 - Added a new fic by me. Demonic Doings is my first Jackie Chan Adventures fic, so I chose to write about my favorite character - Valmont. Also posted the parts of the URA awards ceremonies that Chaos, Jade, and Decimal participated in to their section.

04/05/04 - Added a section of the My Fics section to hold my Dark Age of Camelot stories.

03/15/04 - Added a new Matrix ficlet of mine. Virii is Reloaded-based with our dear Agent Brown as the point-of-view character. *counts off the days till Revolutions is available at Blockbusters*

02/26/04 - Went through "Worlds Beyond" and formatted it. It no longer has pre tags slapped around both ends of the story and is much more readable now. I also HTMLed "Free Will", but because of the format I used for the story, it just has pre tags slapped around either end. Also made some revisions to my MSTings of User Meets Sprites and User Guardian One.

02/25/04 - Some work on the site, mostly behind-the-scenes stuff. The major change is removing the splashpage from the site. Worked through my links, too.

02/01/04 - Added my nomination buttons to the Awards page. Maybe I can win in the Best MSTing category! *smiles*


12/29/03 - Just changed the button to remind y'all about the URAs. Expect actual updates this Sunday. I will force myself to get screenshots from the next Reboot episode on my DVDs. Also, I'll go hunting for bad links then, too. *dons her hunting gear*

09/22/03 - Just dropping in to let y'all know I'm alive and change the button. Between Neopets, DAoC, and school, I've been too busy to really add much. I'll try to do some more ReBoot screenshots sometime soon.

07/24/03 - New fic of mine up called "Free Will".

05/19/03 - Updated the Writing Better section and did a bit of site maintenance.

05/02/03 - More site maintenence. Need a bit more bandwidth to figure out if I can make the change to the Genealogy section that I'd like to make, though. Contemplating adding a Dark Age of Camelot section to my site.

04/11/03 - Site maintenence.

02/22/03 - Added "Passage to Bangkok" to my fic section.

02/02/03 - Added "Uncle Megabyte" to Chaos and Jade's section. Also added a picture of Matrix and AndrAIa's wedding in my ReBoot world to the Miscellaneous section.


01/15/02 - Attempts to update the site daily for a week failed miserably. On the other hand, I now have frames and a new logo. Oh, and I did some revisions to the MSTs of "User Meets Sprites" and "User Guardian One."

12/24/02 - Attempts to update this site every day of the week will begin next week when I have access to my computer. Thank you and have a merry Christmas.

12/22/02 - Well, I'm back. And the URAs are coming. In the spirit of MG's challenge to webmasters, I shall attempt to provide you with an update every single day this week. Even though I am several states away from the fanfic of my computer and my DVDs, I shall find some way to provide y'all with new and entertaining things.

Today's update is merely site maintenence. I'm clearing out dead links, adding new one, and doing other things to make my site ready for whatever is to come. I'm removing LadyBard's fics from my site. I've only managed to get up the first story in her trilogy in the course of a year. Instead, I shall provide a link to her site in the Links section. Removed the Hugonuts and the Razorblade Smile links, as the Hugonuts seem to have ceased to exist. Updated the Contact and the Credits section, as well as removing two polls from the rotator. One was rather silly, and I'm not doing it. As for the other, my fic section will remain the same as it is now.

07/17/02 - Added two new buttons to the left. Added a The Matrix section. Added a link. Took down Narsus's fics, 'cause I'm linking to them in the Agent Awards section.

06/20/02 - Added a Reboot ficlet to my fic section and stuck a new poll into the rotater.

06/18/02 - Added "To Mend and Defend" to the Screencaps section. There's also a Polls section now.

06/15/02 - School's been out for a while, but I'm lazy. Anyway, added some fics by Agent Narsus to the Other People's Fic section. Added my own new The Matrix stories. Also, changed the mini-pic link to a wonderful webcomic called Boy Meets Boy.

05/03/02 - Took down the first chapter of "Affairs of the Heart." Put up the five The Matrix fics I've written since the last time I updated. Put up the rest of "The Daemon Conflict" by Ladybard finally. And I got a Deadjournal.

04/20/02 - Put up the first chapter of "Affairs of the Heart". This is the sequel to "Closer to the Heart" that I've been working on for quite a while. Unfortunately, the second chapter may be a while in coming as I'm trying to exorcise some The Matrix plot bunnies. I also managed to finish a Reboot ficlet, "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not".

04/13/02 - Added more links. Changed the fun mini-pic links to get rid of URA2002. Now I'm plugging a very good The Matrix site. Also, under the Misc section there's now the E-bay Item of the Moment. Basically, I'm linking to an auction on E-bay that's selling an interesting item.

04/07/02 - I've added the MSTed sequel to "User Meets Sprites" to Chaos and Jade's section. Also, the kind Ryuu donated her MSTing of "Totems" to me. Her MSTing is also up in Chaos and Jade's section.

03/07/02 - I've added the sequel to "Warrior Angels," "A User in Mainframe, Again?!" to my fanfic page. I've also added "Worlds Beyond" by Silver Tiger in the Other People section. You get to experience the joys of pre-formatting for this fic. I've also added by URA Nominee graphic to the Awards page. There's also the whole Writing Better section under Fanfic.

Bad news for those people who like "Sowers of Discord." I'm sitting down to rewrite the fic, because in the current version I have the tendency to ignore characterization in favor of the plot. The new version will be a bit darker and the plot is no where near the same, but both Silver and her mistress are still there. The first chapter of the rewrite should be out early next week. Also, at the moment, I'm on an Utena kick so I might be a bit slow in getting new chapters out.

02/06/02 - I redesigned the site again for no discernible reason. I've also finally added the Reboot Genealogy and Credits pages. Plus, for you fanfiction fans, I've got two new fanfics written. One's a parody of a horrendously bad DBZ Mary Sue, and the other is the prolog and chapters 1 and 2 of my Reboot fanfic.

01/15/02 - Redesigned the site. Certain pages haven't been changed, but that's because they look just fine they way they are.


12/13/01 - Added "The End of Season 2" to the Screencaps in the Reboot section.

12/07/01 - Uploaded "Gotcha!" and "It's All in the Timing" to Other People's Fics. Fixed some typos here and there.

12/06/01 - This page is online and renovated. Worship me.

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