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Arguably, I'm a very wonderful person who deserves to have awards flung at her at high speeds. And that may be very entertaining for innocent bystanders, but it sounds like I would get hit a lot and get many paper cuts. Which would be a Bad Thing. But here are the ones I have acquired without bleeding.

Infectee of DaemonDaemon-Granted Award

The end times are upon us. I admit that it clashes slightly with the background, but otherwise... This just goes to show that if you want to retain your freewill, then don't sign Meghan's guestbook.

Quiz Master!Quizzy

I find it quite entertaining that I can show how incredibly addicted I am to a certain show with one little test. I really do.

Especially since I only had to look a couple of obscure questions on Mainframe's site.

Dependence Day ChampionToo Much Free Time Award

Now here's a perfect example of 'too much free time on my hands.' And I was the first one to get one of these things.

URA 2002 Nominee for Best New SiteURA 2002 Nominee - Best New Site

While I didn't win the award (that honor goes to LadyBard), if I try really hard I can get "Sowers of Discord" nominated for URA 2003.

URA 2004 Nominee for Best Site DesignURA 2004 Nominee - Best Site Design

Not a lot of different sites up for Best Site Design that year, as evidenced by my getting nominated. I believe Julia Cat won the award.

URA 2004 Nominee for Best MSTing for 'Uncle Megabyte'URA 2004 Nominee - "Uncle Megabyte" for Best MSTing

The phrase 'Ungawa!' comes to mind. I did good on that MSTing. Hanako and Claire won this one, though. I did pretty good in the votes, though. How do I know? I was a vote-counter!

Atlantis Face Off: Puddle Jumper AwardAtlantis Face Off: Puddle Jumper Award

I got into icon-making in late 2004 and I also discovered the concept of icon challenge communities. This is the Stargate: Atlantis challenge community's fourth place/honorable mention/mod's choice award. If you wanna see the icon that won, check out my LJ Icons section.

Atlantis Face Off: Puddle Jumper AwardAtlantis Face Off: Puddle Jumper Award

Another icon-making award. This one is for the Week 12 contest.

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