Dominant Blitzwing

* * *

A/N: Co-written with Lunatron. Catechism belongs to Lunatron, and is used with permission.

Ficlet takes place in the timeline of the Transformers: 2005 MUSH, but should be understandable even without knowledge of what was going on. Suffice it to say, this takes place during the Intergalactic Olympics in RL 2006 and just after a mission where Blitzwing helped retrieve Galvatron from Torqulon.

* * *

Blitzwing stalked into the lobby of the hotel the Decepticons had claimed on Monacus. There was a patina to his armor, barely there splotches of organic ichor he hadn't been able to scrape off on the shuttle-ride back. Now he owed Astrotrain a complete scrubbing, but hopefully the shuttle triple-changer wouldn't try to collect for a few more days. Blitzwing had... plans.

And conveniently enough for his plans, there was Catechism fighting with the vending machine. Again. Just another conehead, this one grey and with gatling guns on her arms instead of the standard lasers.

But through optics aglow with the lust for battle and the promise of shattering a world, she was desirable. This was the mech he'd partnered with to win the prize of head of MilOps. This was the mech who could tear into him just as viciously as Astrotrain could. She had gatling guns instead of lasers, and her nosecone on her head as added armor.

He wanted to see her with fresh-spilled energon on her hands and bodies at her feet.

First, though, there were other matters to attend to. "Catechism!"

She turned, and the lines of her face, the way she carried herself seemed a bit... happier than she had been earlier. "We got our men."

"There was no other possibility." Now Blitzwing was just close enough, and he stooped a little bit, grabbed her by the hip and shoulder, and swung her up over his shoulder.

She squawked like a startled vulture and flailed, not quite enough to overbalance herself, not with the way he was holding her. "What's the big idea?"

"The big idea would be that your wings aren't gilded. So we're going to fix that." Blitzwing chuckled and patted one of her thruster-heels. She still had little bits of teal speckled over her. "Winning two gold medals like you did deserves a little extra decoration."

Catechism squirmed at the touch, shoulders rubbing against the upper edge of one of his wings. "But... but... I'll stand out a mile away! Do you have any idea how shiny that would be? Not that I'm scared, but I wouldn't want to give away our position. Unless you've got a plan for getting it off me once these games are over."

Her tailfins waggled meaningfully, and Blitzwing couldn't resist a little bit of enjoyment out there in the lobby before Ultra Magnus and everyone. He turned his head just slightly so that the vibrations in the air from his vocalizer would ping softly against her wings. "Well, there's a coupla ways to remove gold leaf from metal, y'know. It's not very tough, especially if you put it on right. A little massage does wonders."

She kicked her thruster-heels but relaxed in his grip, no longer arguing. He chuckled and carried her off to his room, eager to get his hands on those luscious wings and make her squirm all the more.