Disheveled Reflector

* * *

"Your lens-cap is-" Thundercracker broke off what he was about to say as the camera turned on all three of his heels and *glared*. "... I'm sure you know about it already."

"Yes," Reflector said. His lens-cap was cracked clean in half, with a small chunk missing from the lower edge. All three of the camera components were dripping mud and sludge on the floor, and one of them was limping. He still managed to stalk around in high dudgeon, though, so Thundercracker didn't think he was all that broken.

Of course, there was the question of where his companion had gotten to. Skywarp had stolen out of their quarters with Reflector yesterday and hadn't returned since.

"Ah, where's Skywarp?" The jet asked tentatively.

Reflector turned sharply, snatched up a lead pipe that Skywarp had for Primus alone knew what reason, and hurled it at Thundercracker. "In the Medical Ward!"

Thundercracker winced as his instinctive duck made the pipe hit inside of his intake and reached up to pull it out. "... Did you put him there?"

Reflector threw another pipe and stormed off towards the washrack.