Book-Reading Reflector

* * *

Reflector peered over the top of his human-style steel-bound novels as Skywarp teleported into his room. Two of the camera components lay on the berth they left clear for sleeping, while the third was on watch. He had hoped to spend the evening with his noses in a pair of books, but this unfortunate event seemed like it would disrupt that.

The dark Seeker cast a panicked glance at Reflector's door, then slapped the locks in place. He turned to Reflector with a grin that was a little too wide for his normal happy state. "Hey, Fleccy! Whatcha reading?"

"A very bad book and a very good book," the camera answered. In the control room, his third component flipped through the ship's cameras to see what it was that Skywarp had done now. "I could read them aloud if you like."

The Seeker, if possible, looked even more panicked than when he had teleported into the room. "Uh, no thanks, Fleccy. Trying to follow two different stories at once ain't for me."

Reflector nodded, while his third continued to flip through the cameras. Ah, there was something. "What did you do to bother Onslaught?"

"Nothing important, don't worry about it." Skywarp grinned, his optics just a little too bright. "It's not my fault he can't take a joke."

Reflector glanced down at one of his books again. "If he comes around here with violent intentions, I am going to have to start reading to him about the Harvard professor of religious symbology, and he will go insane. That would likely make Megatron unhappy."

"He doesn't know where I went!" Skywarp protested at the unsaid threat.

"Good. I'm going to read. There's an access terminal over there. Go play your MMORPG or something."

Skywarp just chuckled.