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The Matrix Stories

The fandom I've been the most prolific for. Also the fandom where I wrote a weird crack pairing for the first time.

Immortality - Who wants to live forever? Slash.

A Farewell to Kings - Why did the AI create the Matrix?

Lucky Man - What a lucky man, he was. Slash.

Another Lifetime - Just what was Trinity's life like before she was unplugged?

Illusion of Love - What happened to the person Trinity left behind? Sequel to "Another Lifetime."

Fire and Ice - Love can destroy just as well as hate. Sequel to "Illusion of Love."

The Gray and the Black - The people left to pick up the pieces. Sequel to "Fire and Ice."

Twilight and Darkness - What if something different had happened at the end of "Fire and Ice"?

Dream's Creation - Who is Special Agent Rahne and what happened to her? Prequel to "Another Lifetime."

Virii - Smith runs into Agent Brown one night. Reloaded-based.

Sword of Wrath - Agent Smith pauses in the hunt for a moment, thoughts diverted into self-reflection by the sight of a crucifix. Pre-Revolutions.

Just an Ordinary Boy - A brief glimpse at the childhood of Morpheus.