Obedient Breakdown

* * *

A/N: This uses the timeline created in dunmurderin's Combaticon ficlet, Orphans.

Special thanks to Lunatron for putting up and answering my incessant questions about the G2 Cybertronians.

Jhiaxus's dialogue is pretty much taken word-for-word from what he said in the G2 comics.

* * *

Breakdown woke up with a great gaping hole in his mind, and a large steamroller holding him down as he convulsed. Through the veil of shadows, he could hear Drag Strip yelling and thrashing, then suddenly go silent. That should have worried him, he decided later. It just didn't seem as important as the utter loss of Menasor, the great other-self vanished from his mind entirely.

Someone shoved a hypospray down his throat, and everything turned warm and fuzzy.

* * *

He didn't know how long he languished in that drugged haze, but one day, his mind was as clear as the desert sky. He sat up and looked around; the room was obviously a medical ward, though not as neat as the Constructicons would keep it, and two of the so-called Cybertronians bustled around, cleaning up an empty table. There was no sign of Drag Strip.

The Cybertronians glanced at Breakdown as he slid off the table he sat on, but didn't make a move towards him. Hate flashed through him, hate that they dared to stand there so nonchalantly when his gestalt was shattered. His engine revved to life, discordant notes buzzing at the edge of hearing-

- The door slid open, and the sheer presence of the Transformer framed in the doorway stalled Breakdown's engine. Then the great chrome and yellow flier, massive as a Dinobot, and with lurid green optics, stepped into Medical.

"Weclome. I am Jhiaxus," he rumbled, voice so deep that the lower notes delved below human hearing. "And, as you are no doubt aware, your life is in my hands. Had I wished, I could have simply pulverized you from space. I chose instead... to educate you! To show you the true nature of the war you are fighting."

His voice vibrated in Breakdown's struts, and the Lamborghini stared up at Jhiaxus like he had found Megatron once again.