Obedient Reflector

* * *

Thundercracker found it very, very intimate to collar Reflector. Unlike Skywarp, who couldn't be serious about something as outre as collars and had to crack jokes, Reflector would just sit there on the edge of the berth. Tense and ready to bolt for the door at the first sign of trouble; Thundercracker could feel the trembling readiness in his energy fields.

He wondered if he could get off just by wrapping the collar around that pretty throat, tightening it slowly as it slid by micrometers against Reflector, buckling it precisely, and then nicely adjusting it so that the gleaming gold buckle rested just under the camera's chin.

And there were three of him to do this to!

Then came Reflector lying face-down on the berth while he crouched over the camera and carefully glued on to-scale U-2 wings. The wings had tiny engines in them to emulate an electrical field, but the best part of it was just seeing Reflector with wings. It tugged at his core, a pretty little dream of himself and Skywarp greeting their third as he woke up in a shiny U-2 shell. And then showing him just why being a jet was better.

But he'd never get Reflector to agree to that. The camera like being a camera, liked being tri-partite. The best Thundercracker could get were the wings, and he didn't get that as near as often as he liked.

He'd never realized how willful Reflector was before the camera had pursued him. Being quiet masked so much.

Thundercracker rubbed his hand down the final camera-part's spine, then surveyed his trio of pretty lovers. At least Reflector was kind enough to show him how to build a little specialty program that would take his optic input of Reflector-in-wings and change the data output into Reflector-as-U2s.