Caring Breakdown

* * *

Sienna took a moment to sanitize his hands and rinse the dried soap off his chest. Iniquity left generous tips every visit, but the car'transformer really didn't need her pulling him into the tub with her. Ah, well, it wasn't his place to correct.

He looked himself over in the mirror and wiped a few errant scuff-marks off the back of his shoulders, touched up the fine-coat over his optics so that they didn't fog up when he went back out, and stepped out of the door marked Employees Only and into the main baths. He surveyed the room quickly, noting three jet-triads splashing and chattering in the main pool, a large grey truck wallowing in one of the shallow pools, a smaller car drying himself off under the blowers, and three occcupants in the steam-room.

The truck ignored him as he drifted by, and the jets assured him that none of them needed anything extra. Given the prices for most extra services and the Decepticon's army lack of backpay for the planetary shutdown, Sienna could well understand why.

"Hey," The cream-and-blue car said as he approached. "How long does a Fossatensian bath take?"

"As long as you want." Sienna smiled friendly-like, keeping his dental plates covered. "We don't put any time limits on our customers."

"Yeah, but..." He frowned and pressed the button to deactivate the blowers. His face and chest were still a bit wet, though, so Sienna removed a fluffy towel from subspace and offered it to him. The customer looked at him suspiciously but took it. "What's a good minimun?"

Sienna assumed the n-sound on the end was an accent. "Most of our customers prefer at least half an hour in the cool rooms, and fifteen minutes in the pool and hot room."

He nodded and wiped his face off, then tossed the towel back to the bath attendant. "All right. Do we need reservations or anything?"

"It is helpful." Sienna tucked the towel away in one of his other subspace pockets. "A reservation will ensure that the rooms don't get too crowded up with people."

The cream-and-blue car nodded. "What if I wanted just two people in there?"

"It would cost extra to restrict access." Sienna lowered his voice. "And between you and me, there's not enough people who want one during the upshift to warrant paying for that, if you make your reservations for then."

The customer nodded, then glanced over his shoulder at the steam-room. "I'm going back in there."

"All right." Sienna smiled at the customer's back, then drifted up towards the regular entrance to the bath area of the bath-house. Perhaps some customers up there needed assistance or perhaps he could shoot the breeze with Impala.

* * *

Breakdown sidled up next to Dead End. "Want to come back next time we're off-duty and off-call? There's a little something we ought to try out..."