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Transformers Icons

You can pretty much copy-and-paste what I wrote as the intro for the JCA icons for this page.

G1 Transformers

Because everyone has cassette-players with the Decepticon logo all over them. Honestly, people in this cartoon are so dumb.

Rumble is one cool cassetticon. If I could, I'd take him home with me to keep.

This has led to the unfortunate habit of Charles treating Frenzy like Chuck Norris.

This was just a 'bad' scene all around. *grins*

Bonecrusher character icon. Quote stolen from Wayward, though I can't point at exactly where she said this.

I honestly have no idea why I went with this text.

I have very strange 'shippy tendencies.

Slowly making character icons for all of the Constructicons. This is a side-effect of me having a roleplay journal for all six of them.

Another character-journal icon.

"Measure with tape, mark with chalk, cut with chainsaw!"

This is how I taught my boyfriend which Transformer Kickback was.

This is one I really enjoy having made. It's so pretty. Astrotrain's so pretty.

More of that triple-changer loving.

Sometimes, you just need some cuddling fire department vehicles.

Quote is one of Monoshiri's about all of the Stunticons, but I needed an NPC icon for these two.

Great Shrapnel tag-line, oh yes it is.

Someone asked for this. But it does succinctly express my views on Silverbolt.

A variation for Horsetechie.

Dreamwave-era poster inspired me. Plus, I like seeing Megatron in gun-mode.

An actual bit of good-looking art from the G1 Marvel comics. Starscream again.

An off-the-cuff remark in Transformers 2005 one night spawned this.

Transformers: Beast Wars

Because I could. And it looks damn fine, thank you.

Some days, you just gotta set slag on fire. That's when our favorite ant comes in handy.

Actually, don't let him do that.

Needed another character icon.

Because Scorponok looks scary when he's angry.

Transformers: Armada

It was just a great shot all around.

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