On-His-Knees Blitzwing

* * *

The triple-changer knelt in the center of his cell, hands pulled high above his head by the glowing-red antigravity manacles. They'd sawed off his main barrel, and his back and wings were still scarred with plasma damage. His optic-band was cracked, dividing the view on his left. With only the glow of his optics and the manacles to light the cell, the deranged tri-view was even creepier than normal. He felt like he was back in the abandoned base on Teszar, watching the backup generators slowly empty.

But there was no energy vampires here, just an entire ship full of Autobots.

This was going to be tricky.

The blast doors covering the cell doors cracked open slightly, and the red plane minibot slithered in, an energon cube in hand. The sudden light dazzled Blitzwing, and then was mercifully blocked by the red tank minibot that was never far from Powerglide. By then, the plane had crossed to his side and nimble fingers pulled out his secondary feeding tube and attached it to the energon cube.

He drank it down gratefully, taking more than a Decepticon guard would have given an Autobot prisoner. He barely grunted when the minibot pinched the tube shut and yanked it off the cube. Not a word for the captured Decepticon, and he could usually get a couple dozen out of these two. Damn the bad luck; how the frag was he supposed to learn anything if they wouldn't talk to him?

Warpath stepped out of the way of the light, and Blitzwing's intakes hissed every so slightly as his optics went white. Then Powerglide had slipped through the door and shut it, leaving him in darkness again.

Frag this for a lark. The manacles would fry him if the Autobots realized he was out before he got them off, and he didn't see a way in the Nine Smelting Pits for Astrotrain to get him out of this. He was on his own, weaponless, and his life running on an Autobot's whim.

This was going to be really tricky.