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Well, since you're leaving, I might as well suggest some entertaining websites to visit. After all, it's the least I could do for such a pleasant guest. You were a pleasant guest, right? Right? You didn't steal any of my unique content, did you?

I sure hope not.

But anyway.... Links. They send you to cool new places. Kinda like getting high. Except it's not bad for your physical health. I make no guarantees about how mentally healthy you'll be after you visit any of these sites. But then again, you survived this site. Or were those nice men in white coats here for you?

Links will be checked approximately once every two months. If you can't stand a broken link, then let me know about it.

I'm just going to be pointing out the highlights of each site. Otherwise, you're on your own.

A Minor Glitch - The first Reboot site that I ever stumbled across. And it was worth it. This site alone makes one's day a splendiforous experience. Worship MG. Has not been updated since Dec 2004, but the archives are plenty worth reading.

Al's Wait and Eat - Home of a great fanartist (that being Al's Waiter). Many other unique things, as well as old favorites like fanfiction. Updates are extremely sporadic, but he's not dead.

Julia Cat's Reboot Corner - The Planet Namek of the Reboot world. Except it isn't updated as often. And it hasn't shut down. Julia Cat rocks!

Slack and Hash's Domain - Home of splendid writer and artist. Very unique, but not as unique as AMG. Of course, it's hard to match AMG. I also recommend checking out the other sections of her site - I particularly enjoy Castle Numbskull.

The List - Hanako's site. Wonderful place. Great guidelines for Reboot fics. Remember everything she says. You will write better fanfics if you do. Or, at least, you'll know that what you're writing is bad. It's no longer updated, but the forums are still active.

Fonts of Wisdom - Wondeful Marvel/DC/Buffy fanfic archive. It's big, and all the fics there are personally selected by the web mistress as good fics. - The largest Harry Potter fanfic archive I've ever stumbled across. Very nice.

The Gargoyles Fan Website - Great site for the old Disney show Gargoyles. One of my favorite archives.

Hell in a Handbasket - The personal site of a wonderful artist and fic-writer. This the woman who got my hooked on the Enforcers in JCA, so definitely read her fics.

Godawful Fanfiction - An... excellent collection of badfic. This is dreck, people. Check out the forums if you enjoy this place- they're an interesting community with a keen eye for the painful.

Ansereg - The home page of an excellent Tolkien adult fiction writer, Tyellas. Not only does she write both slash and het, she writes general fiction. Plus, the periods of her stories vary from the Silmarillion to the Lord of the Rings. Her essays are also excellent, excellent reads.

In Space, No One Can Hear Starscream - Which is why Transformers have internal radios. Anyways, a very messy Insecticon shrine with tons of lovely stuff. The webmistress, Wayward, is both an excellent writer and artist. Plenty of stuff here for the 'con-oriented Transformers fan.

Koi's Picture Hangar - Koi Lungfish writes some of the most exquisite Transformers fanfic out there.

Lexicon - Massive archive of Transformers-related writings. Very interesting, very big, very varied.

Transformers: 2005 MUSH - The website for the MUSH I currently play, based off of the 1986 Transformers movie. A lot of fun, and quite enjoyably complicated.

The Padded Cell - The Transformers message board I hang out at the most. As per usual, I'm pretty much a lurker.

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