Angsty Reflector

* * *

Reflector turned the picture over and over in his hands. It was a rare one - someone had gotten all three of him on camera. It was also the only picture he had of himself with Skywarp and Thundercracker. Skywarp had pinned one of him against Thundercracker's back, while he and the blue Seeker played Shah Maht. Thundercracker, as he recalled, had lost that game quite badly.

The picture was only five years old. He had newer ones of the two jets; he even had one from right before the Autobot City mission.

He never looked at that one.

His hands shook, and he passed the picture to another one of himself. It wasn't good to hold on so long. But out here, in the high towers at the edge of the Sea of Light, there was nothing to call his mind fully out of his memories and into the present. It was safe here. The Autobots had assured him over and over again that it was safe here, and he could help the rebuilding efforts even despite his previous allegiance.

He didn't want to be safe. He wanted to fly.