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Stories arranged in chronological order by series with larger fandoms getting their own seperate page. Linked crossover fic series (read: the Stormlord Sue clan stories) are all on this page. Generally, the older the fic the worse it is.

Final Thoughts - The Bible - The final thoughts of Judas Iscariot.

Closer to the Heart - DragonballZ - Some people are closer to your heart than others. But who's closest to Nappa's heart?

The Ninth Labor - DragonballZ - This is the story of one of the labors of Son Goku, the legendary hero. Warning: This is completely and totally AU.

Warrior Angels - DragonballZ - Rebecca Stormlord marries Piccolo and handles the Androids. Mary Sue parody.

A User in Mainframe, Again?! - Reboot - Viola Stormlord, Rebecca's eldest daughter, gets zapped to the computer world of Mainframe, where she must face Daemon. A parody of the Jo Ann fics, as well as a sequel to "Warrior Angels."

Mother-in-Law From Hell - Transformers G1 - Cassandra Stormlord brings her boyfriend Blitzwing home to meet the family. Third in the Stormlord Sue parodies.

Choices - Neopets - A Darigan mynci contemplates the choices that led to him escaping from Meridell Castle.

Under the Faded Light of the Dog Star - Harry Potter - Severus Snape meets Sirius Black again.

*New* Spindle Drop - Pirates of the Caribbean - The Pattern of destiny is just as often a net as a tapestry. [PotC2 spoilers]

Dark Age of Camelot


The Matrix

Jackie Chan Adventures



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