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Chaos and Jade's Corner of MSTing Doom

Stashing all MSTings here. The majority of them involve Jo Ann Montgomery's User Guardian One series, but there is one DragonballZ fic in here. A very, very bad DragonballZ fic.

The MSTing of "Dragonball E" - DragonballZ - A MSTing of one of the worst DBZ fics in existance. Enjoy!

"User Meets Sprites" - You all know her. Jo Ann Montogmery, the unstoppable User Guardian. But how did she first come to Mainframe? Chaos and Jade sit through this little story.

"User Guardian One" - Just how did Jo Ann acquire the coveted title of User Guardian One? And why is Chaos so wild-eyed?

"Uncle Megabyte" - A tragedy in which our heroic virus attempts to save the Super Computer. Chaos and Jade tackle this fic with their friend Decimal.

The 2003 URAs - For the last two years, the three virii have been helping out with the Unofficial ReBoot Awards in the award ceremony. Here's what they did for 2003.

The 2004 URAs - And here's what they did for 2004.

"Totems" - Jo Ann Montgomery acquires those telepathic woodland animals that entertain us throughout the rest of the series. Starring Ryuu and Drem-chan.