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Dark Age of Camelot Stories

This is a collection of all the stories I have written for my characters in the online game, Dark Age of Camelot. Some of them may be difficult to understand without knowledge of what happened in-game, and I apologize for that. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy them.

Archived in roughly chronological order.

Tavern Conversation - Mithiar and Culliket converse. The first story I wrote with DAoC, so the characters are not fully formed. Some things are said here that never apply again later. This is here only for its historical beauty, or somesuch.

Gem of Visions - A teensy bit. I believe the gem contained Isliffell's proof that he had fulfilled the forfeit of seducing Cirig. Not sure if Maliar still has the pearl.

Light in the Darkness - Celebiar and Mithiar talk. Has Celebiar acting in a way that he never acts in again. Took place after Mithiar killed Ethne.

One Evening - Smaragaid finishes a hunt in Muire Tomb with Lady Sariell. Mentions Smaragaid's sister, who never actually shows up again.

One Kiss - Smaragaid hunts in Muire Tomb with Erinara. Nothing ever really comes of this, either, but it was fun at the time.

Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth - Mithiar speaks to Lasaiena about his love for Cirig and why he killed Ethne.

One Morning - Sparra comes down from the Cursed Forest.

Guard Duty - Celebiar discusses his family and future with one of the other guards in the Hibernian keep on Thidranki.

Shadow's Waiting - Maliar reviews some information Shaidar fetched for her and makes her own plans. Introduces the lurikeen nightshade, Shaidar, who shows up now and again in these stories.

"I am not Morerea" - Blackthorn's second appearance. Sadly, I've lost the logs of the first time she appeared.

Reprisals - Warlord Medri Velve'Sirn interferes with the Delegation.

Another One Bites the Dust - Maliar reviews some more information that Shaidar gathered.

The Making of Things - Maliar reflects on a recent arrival from the Bog while she makes a ring. Nothing ever really comes of this.

Siabra Meddling - Maliar meddles in the realm war, with Shaidar's aid.

Wheels Within Wheels - Smaragaid speaks to Lady Maliar about her rule of the delegation.

Deepening Darkness - Thuulstrea makes her way back to the delegation.

Path of Power - Maliar contemplates the choices she made and what it will lead to.

Awakening - Liadin Inglorion awakens to her new life. Unfinished, and this plotline abandoned.

Bearing Witness - Khairra decides to ask Queen Cliodna to intercede with the alliance. Includes the whole thread - if there's no note as to who wrote the page at the top of it, then I was the one who did.

Bring Me To Life - Maliar finally snaps out of the depression she's been in since Isliffell's death.

Fall - Sadoma gets Maliar out of the way of his plans. Contains brief memories of what happened when the alliance went to rescue Ealisaid from the Huntsmen.

Return - Maliar returns from her visit to the Bog. Very short. Takes place after being rescued, having her memory restored, retrieving Khairra from the Bog, and taking Sadoma as a thrall.

Displeasure - Maliar contemplates Brigit's displeasure. Ends on a wee bit of a cliffhanger that never really gets touched on.

A Letter From the Queen - A plot point arrives for Maliar.

A Little Bit of Desert Luck - Maliar finally gets her hands on the Band of Stars.

Often At Times - Mithiar discusses being called a fool.

Thoughts on the Game - Maliar foreshadows. Nothing has come of this yet, but perhaps something will.

The Morning After - The morning after Kleopatra's wedding, Maliar makes a promise that she has yet to fulfill. Second part written by Viella.

Coping With Seperation - Smaragaid deals with Lady Sariell being gone from his life.

Paths to Life - The beginning of a vast change in Maliar's life as she struggles to create a body for the curse-created alternate self known as Blackthorn.

Serve to Live - A few scenes from Blackthorn's time in the world once more.

A New Outlook on Life - Blackthorn has managed to restore Maliar to her proper body, but at what price?

Silent Cry - Unless otherwise noted, this is by Great_Willow, but I happen to have written part of this.

Bound in Blood - Again, unless otherwise noted, parts are written by Great_Willow. I'm more involved in writing this one, though. Unfinished.