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On Writing Better

I've seen a lot of bad fanfic out there. A lot. I could probably cut down on my bad fanfiction intake, but I like MSTings and I like to cruise FanFiction.Net. You can find so many different series there it makes your head spin. But, nowhere is Sturgeon's Law (90% of everything is crap) more apparent than on FF.Net. Well, at least to regular folks like us, who don't read what editors get sent.

I put this section together as my own defense against the pain of constantly bad fanfiction. Take what you like out of this, but I hope it's helpful.

Essays On-Site

My Attempt at Writing Advice - My own attempts to help people write better, feeble as they may be.

Fiction Characters' Bill of Rights - Rather self-explanatory, dont'cha think? Author Unknown

Introducing a Character - How to introduce a character quickly with a lot of information. Dixon Steele

Writing Made Difficult - Another person's take on writing advice. I'm not allowed to tell you whose, though.

Writing the Traditional, Jamaican Way - Advice on fanfic writing set to Futurama. And I'm also not allowed to tell you who it's by.

A Tipsheet for Finding Good Fic - Here's a bit of advice for readers who just keep running into badfic.

Essays Off-Site

The Uses of Fanfic 2 - The Need to Connect - A view from the other side of the improving fanfiction concept.

Mistakes in Writing - Some common mistakes in writing handled by an excellent author, Roger MacBride Allen.

*New* James Allen Gardner: Writing Advice - A great little seminar on writing prose with some useful talk about technique.

Helpful Sites

Hanako's The List - Admittedly, her advice is for Reboot fanfic, but most of it can be translated to other genres.

Godawful Fanfiction - Here's how not to do it, kiddies.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America - Full of very, very useful advice, not only on writing, but also on getting published.

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