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Name: Unknown

Unless I cover this right here and right now, I know that someone will eventually ask me why I like this particular bit character.

Most of it has to do with her face-off with AndrAIa. She sent her hench-Guardians off to capture the fish-chick and her dog, so she could convice Matrix to surrender. Unfortunately, all she knows about what has happened to her men is that the dog destroyed the camera.

Then along comes AndrAIa with Frisket, who scares of the Guardian chick's last remaining droid, and AndrAIa has a few moments of polite conversation with the infected Guardian.

Then the two sprites simultaneously decided that they needed to have a fight to deletion. They both get into ready positions, and move onto the most important part of any stand-off: the battle of wills. Anyway, if you know about this convention of television then you can tell who won that battle of wills. For the rest of you, the answer will always be whoever wins the physical fight, won the battle of wills.

So the poor infected Guardian chick loses the battle of wills. Then her gun beeps, and she fires a shot at AndrAIa. AndrAIa deflects the blast, thanks to her magical arm fins. Then she fired off her magical, poisonous nails and the poor Guardian chick catches them in the throat.

She's a throw-away bit character, but she's also moderately important to the plot. Without her and her cronies, Matrix and AndrAIa wouldn't have found out about Daemon before it was too late.


Screenshots from "The Episode With No Name".

My own personal ramblings about her name and arms.

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