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This section is devoted to, well, fanfiction written by other people. All of them, at the moment, are ReBoot fics that I have a hard time finding elsewhere. E-mail addresses may not be up to date.

This is not an open archive. I archive what I feel like archiving and will request permission from you if I want to archive it. I do not accept submissions.

Pain by Silver Tiger - Reboot - The ultimate 'Megabyte wins' fic written by the premiere Megabyte writer/fanatic on the Web. *Incomplete*

Worlds Beyond by Silver Tiger - Reboot - I have yet to determine whether this is a self-insertion fic or not. However, it's the best damned 'Users come to Mainframe' fic yet written. *Probably never going to be completed*

Monologue by Silver Tiger - Reboot - Like the title says, it's a monologue, and by someone unhappy with his circumstances in the Web.

Shifter by Silver Tiger - Reboot - A little of what happened in the Web near the end of Daemon Rising.

Tales from the Recycle Bin! by Silver Tiger - Reboot - A silly halloween fic. Have fun with it!

What Could Have Been by Silver Tiger - Reboot - Megabyte reflects on thwarted plans, a bit explicitly.

What Was by Meghan Wilk - Reboot - The companion piece to "What Could Have Been". Much more uplifting.

Gotcha! by Meghan Wilk - Reboot - The Mainframers are bored. Only to be expected considering Megabyte is gone and all. So Mouse suggests a little game of Assasins....

It's All in the Timing by Meghan Wilk - Reboot - The sequel to "Gotcha!" Our dear sprites play a game of Truth or Dare.

An Eye for an Eye by Al's Waiter - Reboot - The first system Enzo and AndrAIa landed in after that fateful Game. *cue sound effects*

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