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Stargate Icons

I first got into making icons as way to make some presents for friends. However, the first icons I put up for random people to look at were Stargate icons. This section is divided by series, and the Atlantis icons might give spoilers. 'Cause they're form the new show and all.

Icons based on Stargate the movie will be lumped under SG-1, k?

Stargate: SG-1

We are bits of stellar matter that got cold by accident, bits of a star gone wrong. - Sir Arthur Eddington.

Stargate: Atlantis

I find the Wraith to be really, really cool villains. So, they tend to feature in my icons a lot. I was driving down the highway, and I heard that particular lyric and just knew exactly how I wanted to use it. Lyrics credit to "White Room With Black Curtains" by Cream.

Unmasked Wraith males are sexy and giant inconnu. Lyrics credit to "Nightcrawler" by Judas Priest.

Playing around with being 'artsy' on this one. The font was made by a fan user of Mythic's Trials of Atlantis expansion.

I really, really like using "Nightcrawler" by Judas Priest for the Wraith. If I knew how to do music videos, and had enough Wraith footage, I'd make one to this song.

Using that Atlantis font again. It's awful nice in moderation, plus I keep equating ToA with SGA.

This was mostly a chance for me to play with layers and PSP tubes. No, I have no idea where the text came from. It just did.

I missed the third week of the Atlantis Faceoff. Silly me. This would have been my entry, though.

My first attempt at an icon for Week 1 of Atlantis Faceoff. Not really sure if this is better than the one I entered or not.

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