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JCA Icons

I happen to be madly in love with this cartoon. The lack of any real icon-makers irks me, so I tend to produce a lot for this. Plus, it's easy for me to get my hands on screenshots.

Screenshots thanks to Spleef, unless noted otherwise.

'Cause this episode is just too, too much fun not to do anything with.

I played around with effects for this one, which is why you have those pale kanji. Lyrics credit to "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood.

This was mostly just playing around with the artistic effects on PSP. It did, however, lead to a whole series of old photograph icons that I made from "Showdown in the Old West" screenshots. (Imaginary caption: You find the oddest things in newspaper archives.)

Character icon for no obvious reason. It was largely just to use the texture brush.

I really don't think I can explain this one. Misspellings for the win!

The still image used for the above icon. I rather liked the way it looked and kept it as a seperate offering.

This was the picture I was originally planning to use for the "Daolan Wang" icon. Then I kind of went crazy with the kanji background and didn't leave any room for the text. Plus, this looks pretty cool by itself.

Screenshots from "Showdown in the Old West" turned into old photographs of the various characters. This was pretty easy to do, though it did lead me to realize that Chow was not in that episode at all. I may make a few more of these- Old West Tohru and Old West Jade aren't shown here.

I found a very cool tutorial on icon_tutorial, and I just had to use it. The broken mirror effect is fun to use. It was annoyingly difficult to get all the little pictures so they were comprehensible and not just a blur of pixels, though. Re-did this icon several times before I got it the way I wanted. Seriously love layers.

Lyrics credit to "Money" by Pink Floyd. *grins*

No real idea where that particular line comes from. This was mostly an experiment with some of the artistic effects on my original graphics program.

It's true, dammit! (Note: This is another one of those "please don't ask why" icons.)

A still from the above icon that I happened to like. Consider it my 'Daolon Wong' character icon until I choose to make a real one.

Uncle happens to be one of my favorite characters on JCA. He's a wily old bird, and I'd really have loved to see him when he was young.

Lyrics credit to "Saturday Night's All Right (For Fighting)" by Elton John. Been meaning to do this icon for ages. Screenshot from M&K's Screenshots.

Trying out another icon tutorial on this one. I really like how this one turned out, and am hoping for another image that would suit the technique. The text used is the title of an Agatha Christie novel, but I'm fairly sure she got it from somewhere else.

This feels like a particularly uninspired icon. I may redo it someday.

A graphics experiment that actually turned out rather well. Chow character icon.

One of my graphics triumphs. I adore how this turned out. Especially since the background on the original screenshot is bright red.

Just something that amused me from Season 5. Plus, I like doing Uncle icons.

Lyrics from "I'm Just a Singer" by The Moody Blues. This is something I've been meaning to do forever.

Lyrics from "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple. This is terribly appropriate, taken out of context.

I just really, really liked this particular scene. And Drago needs more screen time.

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