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Icon Challenges

SG-1 Showdown

This was a fairly generic contest. We got to go through the archives and pick out one of the pictures and do something with it. Lyrics credit to "Mighty Wings" by Cheap Trick.

This particular week was a lyrics challenge. We could use whatever images we wanted, but we had to use part of the song provided by the moderator.

I really have no idea why I put 'son of the sun' on here. It just seemed to go with the final picture that I created.

I like this one quite a bit. Sadly, I originally submitted it with text, which drew your eye away from the image effects. As you can see, I fixed that.

Good graphics effect, boring text.

I really, really want some slash with this pairing. Those two episodes were the writers' gifts to slashers, and no one seems to have taken advantage of it!

Quote is by Spike in "Lover's Walk".

Atlantis Face-Off

I believe this was the first time I used my favored text technique that you can see in the word 'people'. Maybe not, though. Still, I'm rather fond of this one.

Beckett/McKay is one of my favorite Atlantis slash pairings. Plus, I couldn't really think of anything else to do with the picture. This one the Puddlejumper award for the week. (I just noticed that both of my second icon submissions were animated. Bah!)

Testing out an icon tutorial I found. I rather like the so-called 'dark' effect that I used on the computer bank. This one also won the Puddlejumper award for the week.

A lot of people expressed similar sentiments when I posted this icon. *grins*

Rodney just looks so unimpressed with whatever is going on right here.

Buffy Stills

This turned out darker than I originally anticipated, but I deemed it acceptable. Now I'm wishing I had lightened it a little more. Lyrics from "Twilight Zone" by someone I don't remember.

Another one where I originally submitted it with text and then subsequently fixed it. Oz so pretty!

X-Men Stills

A bit too dark, but it's supposed to be. Lyrics from "Knife Edge" by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

Good graphics effects and the text is halfway decent.

Harry Potter Stills

Lyrics from "The Duellists" by Iron Maiden.

Matrix Stills

Lyrics are a slight twist on "Livin' La Vida Loca". Because I really am that strange.

Lord of the Rings Stills

Lookit, I got weirdly artsy!

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