Well Shagged Reflector

* * *

"That was good," Reflector informed the ceiling. The ceiling, quite normally, did not reply. It was possible that Reflector, in his current state, wouldn't have thought there was anything wrong with the ceiling if it had replied.

He rubbed a face against a hip, one pair of arms wrapped around that given pair of hips. Another pair of arms toyed at one of his throats, picking at the joints that made it flexible. He purred softly and nuzzled himself.

"Very good."

"Oh yes."

He lay all a'tangled on his berth, grey hands still softly moving over his bodies. His dim optics fluttered up and down activation levels, shifting from mere low-light visual spectrum to his more normal infrared-ultraviolet-visual spectrum.

"I have a duty-shift in half an hour," he sighed.

"Time enough to clean up."

"I suppose."