Turned-On Reflector

* * *

Reflector adjusted the angle of the mirror slightly and smirked. It showed Starscream perfectly as Astrotrain worshipped him with his mouth. Every quiver of those white wings, every subtle gyration of his hips, the ecstastic expression on his dark face - everything.

Three days of work with mirrors and skullduggery to arrange a chain that would let him observe Starscream's lab had been... well worth the effort. Certainly, only one of his components could fit into the vents at a time, but he couldn't multi-task very effectively if all three of him were here. After all, the one spying on Starscream couldn't let himself overload.

... Not even when Astrotrain swept one worktable clean with one hand and shoved Starscream down onto it with the other. Watching the jet's sky-blue hands dance across Astrotrain's wings... mmm. And look at the way shadows fell on them, the pattern made by their bodies amid the dim lights.

One hand drifted down to focus his lenses, and the component in the vents didn't quite shiver as the sensation fed back into him. No, no motions for this part of him. That would ruin the mirror-angle.

Something black and stealthy placed its paws on the back of his thighs, then lowered itself down and shimmied up along his back. Ravage only stopped when he could lay his head alongside Reflector's, the base of his jaw resting on the component's shoulder. He made not a sound, merely flicked his tail against the back of Reflector's thighs. But his optics were bright as sin as he too watched what the mirror showed.