Transforming Reflector

* * *

"What about this one?" The young man picked up a small, innocuous-looking camera from among all the others displayed. "It looks simple enough."

The salesman was too well-trained to let his face drop. Extra features meant extra money, after all, and while he didn't work on commission, he was more likely to get a good raise for selling the higher-priced models. Funny, he didn't recall seeing that one before. "If I may?"

The customer handed it to him carefully, having already been advised of the store's "you break it, you buy it" policy.

The salesman turned the camera over and began to point out features. "Very high-quality lenses, as you can see, with a great focus. Not too responsive, not too difficult to change. This one's digital, too, so you don't have to worry about film, just the memory. We've got a wide selection of extra memory available so you'll be able to find an exact match for this camera if you choose to buy it."

With a nod, the customer took the camera back. "Nice size, too. Some of those other cameras were so small I was worried about dropping them accidentally."


"Built-in flash, too. I hope the manual's good. I'm such a clutz with flashes."


The customer turned to look at the display, trying to find the price for his camera. "Uh, hey, where's the price?"

The camera shivered slightly then seemed to jump out of his hand. The customer yelped at the thought of paying for the broken camera, the salesman yelped as it split into three distinct portions and transformed into a robot. "I am not for sale."