Silly Reflector

* * *

Reflector smiled ever so brightly at Rumble and Frenzy as soon as he saw them. Both of them gaped and missed their next steps, stumbling not quite in unison. He tutted and patted them on their heads, then sashayed down the hall to the bridge.

He waltzed in like he owned it, bestowed a smile on a boggled Starscream, and sauntered over to Soundwave. He arranged himself artfully all around the cassette-host, trying to look helpful and sincere.

Soundwave didn't appear to notice his new paintjob when he handed up the datastick-briefing for his next assignment. Soundwave, however, had gone several weeks before noticing that Skywarp had painted him pink, so Reflector really didn't expect the cassette-host to notice his own, far more garish style.

"What," Starscream finally asked. "Is that?"

Reflector turned and smiled at him again. "Dazzle camouflage."

"That is NOT camouflage!" The Seeker howled.

"Of course it is. If you're targetting by sight, it is very much camouflage."

Starscream's wings took on a more downcast look as his shoulders slumped. "But- No one targets by sight-"

Reflector continued to smile at him.

"... You painted your mandental plates, too." Starscream regarded him with a sort of creeping horror. "Just... stop smiling. Now."

The camera's smile grew a little wider.

"... You're trying to break me, aren't you?"


"I won't be broken!" With that, Starscream drew himself up haughtily and deliberately turned away from Reflector.

Soundwave tilted his head down to look at Reflector, then back up at Starscream. "Useful."

"I thought so," agreed Reflector. "If it makes even the Air Commander of the Decepticons not look at me, then it's sure to be quite a boon against the Autobots."


The two spies shared three grins and an amused thrum at Starscream's screech.