On Vacation Reflector

* * *

"I thought you were on leave," Rumble commented as one of the Reflector components passed him and Frenzy in the corridor.

He- it- he paused briefly. It was weird trying to think of the right pronoun for a three-in-one geek like him. "I am."

"Then what are you doing still hanging around here? And are those reports?" Frenzy snatched the box of datasticks out of Reflector's hands, grabbed one at random, and plugged it into his arm. "They are reports!"

Rumble just shook his head. "You're doing reports while you're on leave?"

"They needed to be done...." The component trailed off at the looks the cassetticons gave him.

Frenzy tossed the box of reports to Rumble and grabbed Reflector by the waist. The camera-component meeped as he got thrown over the cassetticon's shoulder like a sack of batteries. "We're going to a bar."

"But- My reports-"

"You can do them when you run out of leave. We're going to show you how to have real fun."

* * *

In a hot oil shop, another component smiled and listened to discussions on the latest in visual arts. Elsewhere, the third component sniggered quietly over his 'zines while Rumble and Frenzy bought the first one-third of him drinks. He loved going on leave.