Naughty Reflector

* * *

Reflector rarely allowed other people to take a picture of him. It helped his mystique if people had no idea what to expect about him. It helped him to get into fortified holds better if the Autobots had no idea what he looked like. After all, he was a very non-descript little trio of robots.

He did his level best to suppress the special centerfold in one of the security 'zines he subscribed to. It shouldn't have been hard. He wasn't really pinup quality like Jazz or Red Alert, nor did he have that special something (an embedded sound file) that Soundwave did. But for some reason, that three-way kiss with himself proved very hard to get rid of.

He built viruses to destroy copies, bribed the editors of the 'zine to turn over all of their copies of the image to him, bribed and sometimes killed archive owners for their copies, and generally made life unpleasant for people who couldn't at least lie to save their lives.

That didn't stop it, though, and he was getting rather neurotic about the picture when Optimus Prime launched the Ark.

Four million years later, when he once again set foot on Cybertron, he was quite pleased to find the picture forgotten and dismissed. Times had changed, and he had his anonymity back.

Then a nameless someone slipped a full, glossy printout of it under Skywarp's door.