Kick Ass Reflector

* * *

"Get him! Get the spyin' runt!"

Reflector raced down the corridors of Autobase, sensors all ablaze, including the actives. Having those up gave him a nice real-time view of the environment and cut through most of the base's internals to identify what was an Autobot and what was a power-generator. Of course, they also let anyone with half a functioning processor track him.

He grinned as he spotted an intersection up ahead. A door opened as he ran past; he skipped back and dodged around an Autobot that tried to tackle him. The component that got ahead took off down the right fork, while the other shot the Autobot in the shoulder and took off down the left fork. The Autobots split in half to chase him, more and more answering the security director's alarm.

Laser blasts sprayed after him, and Reflector dove around a corner, grinned at the Autobot he met there, kicked his wrist to send his shot high, and dove between his legs. He rolled, came up in a crouch behind the turning car'former, and shot him. He took off before the body hit the floor.

His other component was having a slightly harder time of it. Someone had actually managed to nail him - quite literally. Three spikes barely longer than his body from back-to-front pinned him to the wall. Was going to hurt like a glitch to pull himself off. Still...

He smiled at the Autobots heading towards him at a much more sedate pace than previously, pressed the bottom of his feet against the wall, and shoved himself forward.

Back in the secure, empty command center, a maintenance panel in the wall was carefully drawn back, and the third Reflector component slipped inside.