Jealous Reflector

* * *

"He means nothing to them."

"And vice-versa," Reflector muttered as he stared at the images on the security monitors. Some of the screens were frozen on particular points in the escapade, some looping through entire chunks of time, and all of the central ones were devoted to a real-time showing of the Seeker trine's aerial display. Thundercracker, Skywarp, Starscream... They fit together so very well, didn't they, so much better than a camera or a cassette-player could with a jet.

Soundwave leaned over his shoulder and pointed at one particular screen, where a loop played of Starscream thoroughly kissing Skywarp.

"Interesting," The camera-component in the security center said. The component back in his quarters screamed and threw another framed picture at the wall. The one on the bridge with Megatron smiled in satisfaction as the glass shattered and the frame bent.