Happy Reflector

* * *

As expected, Skywarp and Thundercracker left organizing the handfasting up to him. So long as he gave them a range of choices on any given decision, such as the location, they didn't actually bother to hunt up their own options to offer. This meant, for instance, that all of the locations they had to choose from were stunningly picturesque.

He did not bring the gift registry up with Skywarp at all. As he pointed out to Thundercracker, the blue Seeker knew him well enough to point out what he would both want and should be allowed to have. Thundercracker didn't mention the gift registry to Skywarp either, well aware that the dark Seeker wouldn't realize there was one. Neither Seeker had ever handfasted before, after all, and they were so busy, busy with this latest offensive. Unlike certain people, they couldn't be in three places at once.

Thundercracker did not look at the gift registry after telling Reflector what to put on it. So the blue Seeker didn't get a chance to revel in the sheer number and variety of high-quality lenses listed.

He probably wouldn't have, anyway. But Reflector was inviting the Constructicons and quite certain at least one of them would get him a set of lenses.