Dominant Reflector

* * *

"Say my name." Reflector gripped Thundercracker's chin carefully, keeping the golden node on his palm from touching the Seeker's metal. Negative stimulus for doing the right thing would rather ruin his efforts.

Thundercracker trembled slightly, obviously not trusting the camera's dexterity. Really, didn't he know that moving like that would make it harder for Reflector to not hurt him? Even the slightest bit of metal in contact with the palm-node would cause all the nearby pain sensors to begin firing at full power.

"Reflector," he breathed.

"Good, good." The parts of Reflector behind him rubbed Thundercracker's wings. The Seeker purred and shifted on his knees to put just the right portion of his wings under those dextrous hands.

Reflector tightened his grip on the Seeker's chin in warning. "Thundercracker..."

The jet froze, his optics just a touch too bright as he braced for pain.

Reflector smirked and brushed Thundercracker's face with the back of his hand. "I like this game."

"It's got its points," Thundercracker muttered. His optics dimmed as the component in front of him stepped back. Obviously, the game was over.

One of the components behind him touched one golden palm-node to the Seeker's wing. Reflector laughed very softly as the Seeker screamed; the game was never over until the interrogator got tired of playing.

"You can call for Skywarp whenever you want," he reminded Thundercracker when the jet stopped screaming. That had been one of the stipulations Reflector put into their little game; Thundercracker could get 'rescued' whenever he wanted to be. The camera had a much more realistic grasp on what he could and could not do as an interrogator, after all.

"No," he whimpered. "I can handle this."

Reflector tilted his heads slightly. "I really don't think you can. Skywarp!"

A flare of purple, and there was the dark Seeker to comfort Thundercracker. Reflector left them to it, stripping the ribbon devices from his hands as he went.