Mystery Saiyan Theater 3000

Episode 2 "Dragonball E, Part 2"

MiSTed by the Hyper Angel and Dragoness Eclectic

This is a Misting of another author's fanfic. This is for entertainment purposes only. Don't sue.

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(Cue the Season 1 "Mystery Saiyan Theater Love Theme")

It's the not-too-distant future,
Last Sunday AD
There was this guy named Vegeta
Who's way different from you or me
He trained at Capsule Corp.,
Just another weird cohort.
He did a great job training for the Game,
But Dr. Gero really hates Goku
So he shot Vegeta into space!!!!

(Prepare to die!!)

Gohan and Trunks:

We'll send him crappy fanfics
The worst we can find (lalala)
He'll have to sit and read them all and we'll monitor his mind (lalala)

Now keep in mind Vegeta can't control
When the fanfics begin or end (lalala)
Because he wrecked those special parts
Instead of his friends;



Future Trunks:
'Poppa! Calm down!'

'I'm not a Saiyan!'

'Only one "a", please.'

If your wondering how they eat and breathe
And other science facts (lalala)
Then repeat to yourself
*It's just a MST*
You should really just relax


Satellite of Pain Interior

Gohan quietly crept into the console room, hoping to get some breakfast before the human-pirahnas descended upon the kitchen.

Unfortunately, he was thwarted by the viewscreen dropping down from above. Mentally cursing, he continued to make his way to the kitchen. He was so not going into that Theater without something to eat.

Suddenly, sirens started flashing and buzzers buzzing. Gohan stopped trying to creep and broke into a full-out run. He barely made it to the kitchen before the others sleepily entered the room.

When Vegeta realized what was going on he headed back for his bed, but blast doors had locked off the console room from the rest of the satellite.

Dr. Gero appeared on the viewscreen and glanced around. Ah, good. The young one has been making use of the Internet account I set up. Since last he had seen it, the room had been empty, but now it had several large recliners, a big, black couch, a TV with an attached DVD player, and there was quite a DVD collection amassing along one wall.

"So, Saiyans today you will enjoy the next part of the fic, Dragonball E!" he laughed evilly. "Now, go into the Theater!"

Trunks just looked at him oddly. "How? You closed all the corridors off."

Gero glared at him. The blast doors came up and Gohan walked out of the kitchen munching on a Pop-tart. Vegeta and Yamcha glared evilly at him.

"Go into the Theater!"


Trunks, Yamcha, Gohan, and Vegeta entered the Theater and grabbed their seats.

>Chapter 11: Meeting

>"Wow. Goku's near us. He's extremely weak. Traj, get him.

Yamcha: Yes, it won't take much to finish him off now.
Vegeta: Only I'm allowed to kill Kakarott!
Trunks: Poppa...

>"Great-grampa? Oh!" Traj flew quickly. "Gram, great-grampa?" "Umph.
>Ha, Traj is that you?" "Yes." "Why, you're a super saiyan.

Gohan: (Traj) What gave it away? The blazing yellow hair?

> Oh my.
>are as strong as I am. But you have a halo." "Yes. I will be wished
>back eventually."

All: Damn!

> "Oh. Well then. Uh, could you carry me to King Kai
>so I can recover." "Yeah." He flew him to King Kai. "Goku, hi!" said
>King Kai. "Hi King Kai. I'll need lots to eat."

Gohan: (Goku) After all, I'm a Saiyan and all we do is consume massive amounts of food and fight. Sometimes we destroy natural habitats too.

> "Don't worry, I have

>Chapter 12: See Ya

>"Here Goku, a special healing liquid," said King Kai.

Yamcha: (mimics Goku's voice) What does "Jack Daniels" mean?
Gohan: (glares at Yamcha) Hey! That's my schtick.

> "Hey, how come I
>never had any?" asked Traj. ""You will, but before it wasn't


>"OK." "Oh, that's much better. I don't hurt anymore," Goku repied."

Yamcha: (sings) I'm feeling no pain....
Vegeta: Stop that. Now.


>Meanwhile, Arbo and his army had landed on Earth. The warriors went
>a fighting place

Gohan: Which fighting place?
Yamcha: Madison Square Garden?

> and waited except for Vegeta.

Gohan: Why wasn't he waiting?
Vegeta: (sarcastically) Unlike everyone else, I decided to actually fight the invaders.

>"Wait before you open the door," said Arbo. "I think the earthlings
>have prepared a safety guard for us.

Gohan: "Right this way, stay on the crosswalk, wait for the green light".

> Hmmm...go plan a special attack
>on him. Knock him out, but don't kill him. He'll be good for
>information and ransom as well." "Yes sire," said a officer.

Yamcha: (officer) ...You know if you like that kind of thing, you can get a guaranteed former Saiyan warrior at this great brothel on Eroticon VI...
Vegeta: (starts frothing slightly) DIE!!
Gohan: (glares at Yamcha) Stop stealing my schtick.
Trunks: Gohan, what about Poppa?
Gohan: What about him?
Vegeta: (leaps up and tackles Yamcha)
Gohan: (flashes Super-Saiyan) Stop that. (grabs Vegeta's collar)

>"Hmmm...They should come out soon. I'll give him a Garlic Gun
>At...AHHHH!" About ten officers blasted Vegeta and started beating him
>up. "Ooof, ah, ti, ka, ded." Vegeta got knocked out from the suprise,
>and he was neuralized so he wouldn't awake.

Trunks: Poppa, when did you forget how to fight?
Vegeta: (grinds teeth and growls inarticulately).
Yamcha: Apparently the same time he forgot how to go Super-Saiyan.
Gohan: Which was just after he forgot how to sense ki...

>"Ha. He appears to be one of their strongest. Excellent."

Yamcha: Not that they could tell from that performance.

>"Hold on guys, I'm almost done," said Lark. "Just one day."

>"Let's see," noted Arbo. "The warrios appear to be cluttered up.

Trunks: (nods gravely) A lot of city neighborhoods get that way.

>will make killing a lot easier. Hahahaha!"

Trunks: (shocked) What's he got against Latinos?
Yamcha: (sarcastically) I see, he's uncluttering the neighborhood Saiyan-style!
Gohan: Uh, guys, I think he meant "warriors", not "barrios".

> "Oh no!" exclaimed Trunks.
>"Something has happened to Vegeta. That's horrible!"

Yamcha: And this just struck you out of the blue?
Gohan: I guess Vegeta's amnesia is recent.
Trunks: (mutters) That's not me.

> "Darn, they're
>coming. Everyone get ready." Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Pan, Kentor,
>Krillen, Tien, Venix, Yamcha, and Chaozu

Gohan: ...and a cast of thousands.

> got ready for the biggest
>battle they would ever fight. Without any Saiyan that was more than
>1/2, they appeared in bad condition.

Gohan: (pulls out a pencil and paper) Now, how would that sentence be diagrammed?
Trunks: Where do you keep those things?

>"Gaaaaa!!! There they are. Men, attack," ordered Arbo. The henchmen
>shot energy blasts at the unexpected warriors.

Trunks: Unexpected?
Gohan: Maybe they didn't expect us to get uncluttered so soon.

> "They won't trick me!"
>shouted Goten.

Vegeta: (dryly) Yes, the brat wouldn't be fooled by their incredibly clever head-on attack.

> "AHHHHH!!!! GO!!!" He shot a huge beam right back.
>Chaozu followed, and then Pan shot another blast. It was enough to
>them stop. "Wow, you earthlings have some power," said Arbo.

Yamcha: We also have some brains.
Ghost of Raditz: Where? I haven't seen any yet.
Gohan: You're dead. You're all messed up. Go away.
Raditz: Eh. I'm just here for the scenery... or lack there of. See ya in Hell, Vegeta.
Vegeta: You're assuming that I'm going to die. Again.
Raditz: (fades away)
Trunks: Who was that?

>"Nevertheless, you shall die. I will make it wasy on you fools at

Gohan: No, no, no. Who's on first, not Wasy.
Trunks: What?
Gohan: Second base.
Vegeta: (blank look) What are you talking about, brat?
Yamcha: (snickers) I don't know.
Gohan: Third base!

> If you succeed, you'll go through more. Hahaha. My three
>weakest henchmen, go!" Three short guys cam out of the group of ten
>smiled. "Good. I'm in for some exercise," replied a brown haired, fat
>guy. "Yea, yea. I'm up," said a slim, yellow haired kid. "All right.
>We'll fight shorty, bluey, and ooooh, girly," said the other. Pan,

All: Bluey?
Yamcha: (looks at Trunks) Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have purple hair?
Gohan: In really bad-quality fansubs, it looks kind of blue...

> and Choazu looked at each other. "No. other girly." Kenta
>popped out. "Good." Pan, Kenta, and Chaozu glanced at each other.
>Suddenly, they burst around like bees.

Gohan: I'll give you points for the simile, but that's it.
Trunks: I've never seen a bee burst.
Vegeta: I've got to take you to Arlia sometime. No, wait, I blew it up.

> Two of the guys went fighting

Yamcha: Where'd they go?

> while the other waited. Kenta noticed this and attempted a
>Blaster, her special short attack. The guy looked up,

Vegeta: So, Blaster is the attack she uses on short people?
Gohan: I wish I could remember that song.
Trunks: Yeah. (blinks) It must be, Poppa. He had to look up to see her.

> dodged it, shot
>blast back, and began fighting Kenta. Kenta was suprised at his
>strength, but she fought lightly for stamina purposes.

Yamcha: This is a fight, not aerobics!

> "Young lady, I
>know what you're doing. Too bad you won't be able to accomplish it."

Yamcha: ...You just can't lose fifty pounds in fifty days.

>The man began a huge blast of energy and shot it at Kenta's head,
>straightforward. "Ahhhhh....." "hehehe. HAHAHA."

Yamcha: Foreplay doesn't belong on a battlefield.
Trunks: (turns red) Yamcha!

> Kenta was badly
>bruised and unconscious. "AHHH!!!," shouted Pan.

Yamcha: Told you about the foreplay.
Trunks: The next lewd comment out of you, and I have Gohan disable your password. That means no more cruising AOL chat rooms.
Yamcha: (meekly) I'll be good.

> "No! Kenta!" Pan
>to Kenta. Suprisingly, the man considered this as a time to attack.

Vegeta: (dryly) Surprisingly.

>"Take this you girl!" He shot another blast at both of them. As it
>cleared, it showed kenta dead and Pan angry. "ARGG...Kenta!!!
>ERRRRR!!!" Pan went amazingly to Super Saiyan level 2.

Yamcha: You would think that Kenta was her daughter the way she's reacting.
Gohan: It's maternal instinct.
Yamacha: You know all about that, don't you?
Gohan: Leave my mom out of this.

> "Take this you
>predujice pomp!"

Trunks: This girl can't even insult someone, so why does she think that she can kill them?
Gohan: People are stupid.

> Pan shot hundreds of blasts at all 3 men. When all
>cleared up, the men were dead. "Impressive," said Arbo. "Too bad it's
>not strong for my other men. By the way, we have one of your men.
>Vegeta? Is that right?

Gohan: (Arbo) Or is it Vejita? Vegita? Vejeta? Bejita? Veggy-kins?
Vegeta: Enough!

> Hehehe. You will lose your best warrior

Vegeta: (grabs Trunks's head and points it at the screen) See? SEE? "best warrior"!

> in 24
>hours, after we get info. off him."

Gohan: He has information written on him?
Trunks: (looks at Gohan oddly)

> "ERRRR!!! You!!" yelled Trunks.
>"AAAAAHHHH!!!" Trunks turned super saiyan 3 immediately. "For my dad
>you idiot!"

Yamcha: Shouldn't that be " dad the idiot"?
Vegeta: (tries to tackle Yamcha again)
Gohan: (grabs Vegeta's shoulder and pushes him back into his seat) Next time, I'm just going to let the fight run its course.

> He began fighting Arbo. Arbo punched him in the stomach,
>and he fell to the ground. Trunks fought back, but he was clearly
>weaker than Arbo. "FOOL!!! I was going to let you fight my other men,
>but I guess you prefer not. Well it's D-Day for Earth then.

Trunks: What an amazing universal constant.
Gohan: You'd think alcohol would be the universal constant, though.

>Let's see.
> Ahhh, Pinto Boy. You'll be first." Chaozu looked up in anger. "ERRR.
>I'll beat you." 'Tien, this will be my last fight. Self-destruction
>will be it.

Vegeta: ...It will be the only way I can escape this story.
Yamcha: Morbid much?
Raditz: You have no idea.
Gohan: I thought you left.
Raditz: (shrugs and fades away.)
Trunks: Who is that?

> Solar Flare his warriors and fight them later.' Tien
>up. He was sad, but followed Chaozu. "OK Pinto.
>GAA,DEEEE,SEHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Chaozu flashed to his back, stuck to him,
>began destructing. "WHAT! Idiot! GET off! Machol, go!" His officer
>shot a beam at Chaozu and nailed him. "OHHH!!! UMPH!" "Well Pinto.
>ya!" Arbo blew a shot at Chaozu, and he was gone.

>Chapter 13: Dragon Way

>"Goku, you should go now,"

Yamcha: The bathroom is available.

> explained King Kai. "Earth needs you
>extremly. They captured Vegeta,

Yamcha: And this is bad because...?

>                                   and Trunks couldn't affect their
>even after going to Super Saiyan level 3."

Vegeta: You did WHAT?!
Trunks: I went SSJ 3. It was back up there when Yamcha insulted your intelligence.
Gohan: Which time?

> "You're right. I'll bring
>Senzu beans to them. Kenta and Chaozu are gone, so hopefully those

Vegeta: ...two escaped this story.

>Dragonballs will wish all three of you back." "I hope so. I'll stay
>with King Kai for now," replied Traj. "OK. Bye guys." Goku flew on
>way back to earth. "Well. I have reached Super Saiyan level 3. I

Gohan: (Traj) ...can actually go much higher than that, but I wouldn't want to make the canon characters feel inadequate just yet.

>the Genki-Dama, Kaio-Ken, Kamehameha, Destructo Disc, the Kaolhu
>to kaio-Ken), the Matako(energy blast), and the Dehmehgeh(strongest
>attack besides Genki-Dama). I hope that's enough."

Trunks: No, but with the added power of being the author's character, you'll do fine.

> "I have trust in
>Traj. I believe you to follow Goku's reputation." "Really?" "Reaching
>Super Saiyan form at 7 was amazing for Trunks, but you reached number3
>at age five.

Trunks: Age five? I thought this was a year later. Shouldn't he be four?
Gohan: (sneaks a peak at the Viz manga under his seat) Maybe he used the Room of Spirit and Time.
Everyone: (looks at Gohan oddly)
Gohan: (hides manga quickly) What??
Trunks: Don't you mean the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?
Gohan: The what?

> Also, you haven't even particapated in a fight yet. Yet
>you are extremely strong. Don't forget the fool moon attack

Yamacha: Even I won't go there.
Gohan: Good. You can keep your Sailor Moon hentai.
Yamcha: Whew! (wipes forehead) Hey! How do you know about that?

> and that
>Kadamo." "yea. I'm not sure about the Kadamo though." "You might use
>it. It's a well developed attack, I must say." "I'll think about it."

Vegeta: With what?

>Goku was halfway past Dragonway. He needed to help them quickly.
>Suddenly, he stopped. "Hey, I could just transport to Karin tower and
>get the Senzu Beans."

Vegeta: What? Kakarott had an intelligent thought?
Gohan: (indignantly) My Dad's not stupid!
Vegeta: (points at the screen) I'm not talking about your brain-damaged father, I'm talking about that brain-damaged idiot and the whole brain-damaged cast.

> Goku did this, and he got about twenty Senzu
>beans. "I hope they're ok." Meanwhile, Yamcha had his fight on.

Gohan: I guess Vegeta had his fight 'off' earlier.

> he
>Tien were attempting to defeat Arbo. Intruding was a Super saiyan
>came out of nowhere. He was strong and had powers that were
>It was Gotrunks! Gohan and Trunks had fused. Then, another figure
>out. Unusually, it was Krillen and Kento. They had fused as well.

Yamucha: (dryly) That's pretty unusual, all right.
Vegeta: Will you stop changing your name?!

>Goten fused with no one while Pan and Venix fused. Suddenly, Arbo was
>in for something. "Tien, take these earrings," Goten ordered. "OK, I
>it." The two fused.

Gohan: (blinks incredulously) Goten and Tien? That's... just... unnatural.
Yamcha: (sweatdrop forming) So what happens to me?
Vegeta: (looks relieved) Fortunately, I'm captured and unconscious.

> "Great," said Yamcha. "No Chaozu for fusing."

Yamcha: (wipes away sweatdrop) Whew!

> Arbo
>and his men began fighting.

class="norm"Gohan: (Z warriors) We'll just sit back and watch. Hey, Goku, bring some popcorn!

> Yamcha decided to secretly charge up
>everyone was being busy fighting. Gotrunks was fighting Arbo while
>men were taking on Krillto. Panix took two others while Gotien fought
>two others.

Vegeta: And I woke up and killed them all, before getting Arbo's head on a platter, which I gave to Bulma as a gift. Every Saiyan mate should have someone's head decorating a wall in their house.
Everyone else: (edges away from Vegeta)
Trunks: Yeah. Whatever you say, Poppa.

>Meanwhile, the second officer in command and others were holding up
>Vegeta. They decided to heal him enough to talk, but not to fight.
>"He's their strongest.

Vegeta: (smirks) I think I like this story.

> We can take him as our slave."

Vegeta: (glares) Never mind.

> BANG!!! The
>spaceship exploded. Vegeta was out the machine on the ground while
>almost everyone else was dead.

Vegeta: (chuckles nastily) Heheheh. Zarbon made the same mistake.

> The second officer flew to Arbo.

Vegeta: (smirks)

>Chapter 14: Larkson

>"YES! I have the Dragonballs! Let's see what should I do. Of course
>command the dragon. Here is the password. Oh great Larkson make my
>wish, whether it's someone's life or a large fish," Lark commanded.

Gohan: (wincing) Well, I guess Kami doesn't HAVE to be a poet.
Trunks: Yes, but Kami does have to be wise--not utterly stupid.

>Dragon appeared. It was green and blue and was fairly large compared
>Shenlong. "Oh master, you may have three wishes," Larkson said.

Yamcha: Who's the mother?
Vegeta: A maneater.
Everybody else: Huh?
Vegeta: "A beauty is there, but a beast is in her heart."
Yamcha: Bulma's been making you watch romances again, hasn't she?
Vegeta: Yes, The Runaway Bride.
Yamcha: (winces)

>The first wish is to bring back Traj." "It shall be done." Meanwhile,
>King Kai's planet, Traj lost his halo. "Great, I'm alive. See ya King
>Kai." "Good bye..." It was too late.

Gohan: But is he in black?
Trunks: I call "no obscure references."
Gohan: That's going to be kind of hard since you're from a future that makes Road Warrior look like kindergarten--
Trunks: There you go again.
Gohan: ...and Vegeta is an alien.

> Traj was already blasting to
>Earth. "What is your next wish?" asked Larkson. "Hmmm...fully heal all
>the warrios that are fighting."

Trunks: What? How'd the Latinos get involved again?

>"OK." Everyone, including the weakened
>Vegeta felt great and started beating them all up. Vegeta flew back
>the fight while Goku was coming as well.

Yamcha: That phrasing is unfortunate.
Gohan: (innocently) How so?
Yamcha: (glares) Oh no, you don't. You just want an excuse to delete my hentai.

> "One last wish Lark, and I
>shall rest again until I am called." "OK. Let's see. Oh. Wish back
>those who have died in the battle on Earth's side." "Chaozu and Kenta
>shall be wished back. I shall now leave. The seven Dragonballs will
>come back in 182 days. Good bye." The Dragon dissapeared. Meanwhile,
>Kenta and Chaozu noticed that they had no halos and quickly jumped out
>of line to earth.

Vegeta: Oh good, they're not coming back.
Raditz: (sarcastic) Unlike me.
Vegeta: What are you babbling about?
Raditz: (a very good impression of Vegeta) "That would be a waste of a wish."
Gohan: You're not going to go away, are you?
Raditz: Commander Bardock is less than pleased with me right now. (fades away)
Trunks: Who IS that guy?

> The battle was back in action.

Gohan: The battle said, "I'm sick of this," and went to the beach.

>Chapter 15: Traj and Turkal

>"I'm almost there. Hold on guys!" shouted Goku. "Kakarot?" "Vegeta?
>Oh, let's fuse."

Yamcha: (blinks) If the author wanted to reference that kind of stuff, a link to the Saiyanslash list would have been more discreet.
Trunks: Yamcha!
Vegeta: (glares balefully at Yamcha) Is this something that will cause me to destroy the Earth if I find out?
Yamcha: Probably.

> "No time. We got to get there. They could be doing

Yamcha: Or doing the nasty.
Trunks: (groans and hides his face in his hands)

> Chaozu and Kenta were following closely behind, and Traj was 3/4
>past Dragon Way. Meanwhile, Arbo began getting stronger by the second.
>"You earthlings really didn't think that was all my strength now?
>Prepare to die." No one was fused anymore and were doing weakly.

Vegeta: Doing what weakly?
Gohan: A subject would be nice... so would subject-verb agreement.

>Nobody's doing good.

Trunks: They're doing evil?

> Goku, where are you, we need your HELP!!!"
>screamed Krillen.

Vegeta: Ah! A touch of authenticity; Kakarott hasn't made it to a fight on time yet.
Trunks: Why do you people keep bringing that up?
Raditz: ...because he got killed the last time Kakarott was late showing up.
Vegeta: (glares)

>"Face it Bluey.

Raditz: Bluey? What's the blue-haired chick doing at a fight?
Gohan: They mean Trunks, not Bulma.
Raditz: Who?
Trunks: Me. And who are you, anyway?
Raditz: You don't know? I'm--
Bardock: (comes in and grabs Raditz's hair) There you are! (They both fade away)
All but Vegeta: Who was that?

> It's over now. Take the wrath of

Gohan: HULK SMASH!!!
Trunks: Hey! I said no more obscure references!
Gohan: If you people read comic books, then it wouldn't be obscure.

> Arbo began a huge forming of a ball as the Earthlings looked in
>awe. "Take this fatty!!!" Yamcha shouted. A huge bursting blast
>overwhelmed the whole army and knocked them back. The air cleared.

Gohan: Yamcha, you cut a big one!
Everybody else: (looks at Gohan oddly)
Gohan: What? There were no obscure references!
Yamcha: (mutters) He's reminding me more of Goku everyday.
Vegeta: (looks at Yamcha oddly)
Yamcha: You didn't know the young Goku. Let me put it this way: he learned manners from Master Roshi.

>men were down. Three were untouched, including Arbo and his first
>officer. The other was weakened, but could fight anyway. "What!!! I
>was charging that for about 15 minutes!" shouted Yamcha. "Well, that's
>too bad," replied Arbo. Blast!

Vegeta: Blast?
Gohan: It's a sound effect.

> The Earthlings weren't in good

Vegeta: They were all lying down dead.

> They had five people coming, but weren't doing well. "Kaio-Ken times
>35!" "Huh?" said the confused Arbo.

All: "Huh?" said the confused audience.

> Pow! The weakened person was
>knocked out. "Well, good coming Kakarot. These don't seem so tough to
>me. There are only three of them," said Vegeta. "Yeah, and Traj's

Yamcha: Will these people stop coming all over the place? My stomach can't handle the pictures this conjures up.
Gohan: That's it. Your hentai is going down.
Yamcha: (grabs a pencil and paper) Loosen up, kid. (scribbles down a URL and hands it to Gohan)
Gohan: Where's this go?
Yamcha: You'll see.

> "Who are you two? What? we caught you on the ship."
>you don't think they could have held me, right?"

Gohan: (Speaker 1) I don't know. Could they have?
Trunks: (Speaker 2) Who's they? And I'm supposed to be on the ship, right?
Gohan: (Speaker 1) Maybe. Maybe you're supposed to fight my boss.
Trunks: (Speaker 2) No, I don't think so.

> " Saiyans
>are nothing to my race of Kamensas." "We'll see." Vegeta began
>up. Arbo stayed steady with no sweat. Goku became Super Saiyan
>2 and so did Vegeta. Trunks took time and turned to level 2. Gohan
>went to level 2 as did Goten. Pan reached level two, Tien and Krillen
>barely reached it.

Gohan: All together now! SSJ2!
Yamcha: The synchronized Super-Saiyajin team.

> Arbo laughed. "Hahaha. Fools! I'm not that

Trunks: You aren't?

> To think that you could defeat me.

Gohan: To speak in infinitives like a five-eyed sticky-fingers.
Trunks: Obscure reference!
Vegeta: (arms folded) What's obscure about Groaci? Everyone knows about the most obnoxious race of vermin in the western galactic rim.
Gohan: (blinks) Whoa, aliens really are visiting Earth. Besides the Saiyans, I mean... And Piccolo... And Frieza... We have too many alien encounters.

> I have powers too. For now,
>Turkal and Humolen will fight you and kill you." "This is queer.

All: We know.

>going on?" questioned Kento. "I don't know. Maybe Traj should be
>replied Tien. "Maybe he should,"

Vegeta: Maybe he shouldn't.

> answered Krillen, "but that doesn't
>matter right now." "Hi guys," said a familiar voice. "Chaozu! Kenta!"
>shouted Pan. "The Dragon wished us back.

Trunks: Lark's a dragon now?
Gohan: Deep.

> I'm guessing that Traj is
>coming soon," said Kenta. Arbo stayed steady while the two officers
>charged up as well. They were appearing overwhelming already.

Gohan: Grammar problem number--
Trunks: No more grammar flames.

> "I got
>hurry," Traj said.

Yamcha: ...I haven't used the bathroom since I left.

> "Earth needs me. I have a strange feeling.
>bad is happening."

Gohan: No! Really? (Traj) Why was I training all this time, anyway? For a birthday party?

> Turkal and Humolen were charging as the others did.
>Fusion was not going on.

Yamcha: Good. We're in public and you might scare the horses.

> "We should fuse," said Krillen. "No, not yet,"
>relpied Goku.

Gohan: (takes a pencil out) "Relpied" misspelling, -10 points.
Trunks: That was a spelling flame!
Gohan: You said "no grammar flames", not "no spelling flames."

> "Losing two people in one energy blast is not worth to
>risk it." "Idiotic earthlings! Take the wrath of Turkal!" shouted

Gohan: I'd rather have The Wrath of Khan anyday.
Trunks: You're just not going to give up, are you?
Gohan: You haven't seen The Wrath of Khan? Where have you been all your life?
Trunks: The future? We don't have much time for movies; might have something to do with those homicidal androids--or the carnivorous radioactive giant moths.
Gohan: Huh?
Vegeta: "Can't sleep, the clowns will eat me." (closes his eyes and goes back to sleep)
Everybody else: HUH?

> He unexpectedly burst a shot at Kenta, Chaozu, Pan, Kento,
>Trunks, and Goten.

Yamcha: Where's Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Tien, Venix, Marron, Krillen, and me?

> The fighting began. Turkal took on those he blast
>while Humolen took on Venix, Krillen, Tien, Yamcha, Gohan, and Vegeta.
>Goku looked at Arbo. "Well, if it isn't the great Kakarot Saiyan of

Vegeta: (bristling) Great Kakarott? Saiyan of Earth? (growls)

> Come one now, show me your powerful forces." "All right.
>go." The two exchanged energy blasts and went hand to hand. They
>one another and the only differences was a blow to Goku's stomach and
>crushing Kaio-Ken at Arbo's feet.

Yamcha: I thought the Kaio-Ken wasn't an attack?
Gohan: It's not. It's a strength booster.

> Meanwhile, Humolen was being over
>powered by Vegeta, Gohan, Krillen, and Tien. He managed to knock back
>Yamcha easily, and Venix got pushed back, but the others were just too
>well trained. "Errrr...Foolish earthlings. Go Samoraks!" Seven purple
>squirrels came out. Vegeta laughed at them.

Gohan: The audience laughed at them.

> "Ha. You really are
>challenging us with these maggots? Foolishness. You really are
>desperate." Vegeta was wrong. The maggots actually had equivalent
>strength to Arbo only slightly weaker.

Gohan: "Equivalent strength only weaker" is rather like "equal but different", isn't it?

> Yamcha was caught with phobia
>begin squeezed to death like in the battle of Vegeta and Nappa.

Trunks: This is an elaborate way to say that he got scared, right?

>started off with a quick flashy energy blast. The smoke cleared with
>trunks caught by Samorak. yamcha and Gohan were caught as well.
>"ARGGGGG!!" yamcha painfully shouted,"This is horrible. These
>are so very strong."

Yamcha: And they squeezed my capital 'Y' down to a lower case 'y'.

> "Samoraks are stronger than you are, but just
>stupider. That won't matter though," told Humolen. "Ooof...Take
>yelled Trunks. He blasted around his body.

Vegeta: Idiot! You're supposed to hit the guy!

> he dissapeared in the
>of air. The Samoraks were looking around confusingly.

Gohan: The Samoraks looked at the audience and confused them.
Trunks: (mutters) Grammar flame.

> Suddenly,
>popped out behind the Samorak holding Yamcha and caught him.

Yamcha: Not in the middle of a fight! I'm sorry, but one partner with pastel-colored hair is enough for me.
Vegeta: (menacingly) Oh? And who might that be?

> yamcha

Gohan: But his capital 'Y' didn't.

> and trunks threw the Samorak at Gohan. Gohan was confused.

Gohan: Tell me about it.

>Suddenly, Vegeta came out and knocked the samorak hard to the ground.

Yamcha: SPIKE! And he scores in today's Samorak volleyball game.

>They began fighting. Vegeta waited as the Samorak waited. They
>at each other. Vegeta fell down to the ground.

Yamcha: That thing must have had some major league halitosis.

> Another Samorak came
>out of nowhere and chopped vegeta. Trunks and Gohan came in the fight
>and started fighting three Samoraks while protecting Vegeta. Goten
>tien came in fused together as Tigoin.

Trunks: NOOOO!!! Enough fusing already!
Gohan: Wasn't he named Gotien before?
Yamcha: You're trying to find continuity?

> Krillen and Kento once again
>fused. Yamcha and Chaozu attempted to fuse twice and failed.

Yamcha: (eyes wide) NOOOO!!!
Vegeta: (darkly) I told you there was one sure way to escape.
Raditz: Wanna bet?
Trunks: (opens his mouth)
Raditz: (fades away)

> The
>time they turned into a average height, pure white skinned power

Gohan: Is that as in "Power Pack" or "Power Rangers"?

> kenta fused with Venix. Goku was still fighting Arbo and Pan went to
>attack Humolen. The fight was turning into a massive battlefield.

Vegeta: New battlefield, eh?

>Vegeta being carried out by Kentix,

Trunks: Poppa got into the sake again?
Everybody else: (looks at Trunks oddly)
Trunks: (raises an eyebrow) Yes?

> Pan and Trunks staring to take on
>Humolen and being evenly matched,

Yamcha: This week's tag-team staring match: four-eyes versus two. Can Pan and Trunks defeat the reigning champion?

> Tigoin and Chaocha

Yamcha: (winces badly)

> fighting Turkal
>losing, and Gohan taking on samoraks with Krillto.

Trunks: He was throwing Krillto at the samoraks?
Everybody else: What?
Trunks: (defensively) That's what they were doing with the samoraks.

> "Kaio-Ken times
>fifty!" yelled Goku. He overwhelmed Arbo and knocked him to the
> "Kamehameha!" Arbo managed to dodge the attack as the two exchanged
>attempts to affect one another.

Trunks: (looks at Vegeta) Have you ever seen anyone dodge a Kamehameha?
Vegeta: No. Deflect, block, absorb, or just die-- yes. Dodge, no.

> Humolen was being taken on by Super
>Saiyan level 3 Trunks and Pan. The two were massively punching and
>kicking. Vegeta appeared seriously hurt though and was resting behind

Yamcha: And he expects the rock to protect him how?
Gohan: (to Vegeta, innocently) Hey, I remember you doing that in the fight with Frieza.
Vegeta: (growls)

> Trunks was sort of distracted by this, and Humolen took
>of it.

Yamcha: Tell us, what was so distracting about Vegeta resting behind a rock?
Gohan: You're pretty confident for a guy who has no backups of his hentai.
Raditz: (holding a manga) Maybe it's because he has all these issues of Co-ed Sexxtasy.
Yamcha: AACCKK!!
Raditz: (smirks and fades away with the manga)

> He punched Trunks in the stomach and trunks began yelling.
>was distracted and she was knocked in the head.

Yamcha: Was she looking at Vegeta behind the rock, too?

> He blasted a large ki
>at both of them and they hit the ground. No one could reach them as
>Humolen began a quick charge. "This will only hurt for a second.
>you'll be off to the next dimension.

Gohan: (moaning) Bad dub dialogue...
Raditz: At least he hasn't commented on his singed leg hairs.
Yamcha: And where's my manga?
Raditz: (smirks and fades away)

> An eye for an eye, my two
>for you two super saiyans." Humolen had a blue ki blast in his right
>hand that was extremely large. Goku looked up, and in fright for Pan
>and Trunks, he shot a Kamehameha. Instead, Arbo nailed him in the gut
>and blasted the Kamehameha to the sky. Pan and Trunks were helpless.
>Humolen threw the attack. "HAHAHA! Take that you losers!"
>Someone came furiously from the sky and knocked the blast back up in
>air. Humolen was confused.

Gohan: If our computer can't figure out what you're doing, then we'll take a look at it. If we can't figure out what you're doing, then we'll notify you that you're confused.
Trunks: (muttering) I don't want to know. I don't want to know...

> He began charging a blast and shot it
>his other energy blast.

Gohan: (waves his hands around, trying to figure out how Humolen did that) I don't get it.
Vegeta: It's obvious. He blew his own hand off.

> The character looked up and shot a quick ball
>of energy back.

Trunks: What character?
Yamcha: My missing 'Y'?
Gohan: A proper noun would be good here.

> The two fought two keep the blast from hitting them.

Gohan: I think he meant 'to' not 'two'.
Trunks: I think he meant 'to', too.
Vegeta: Will you two stop it?

>"Kaio-Ken times 50!" yelled the character.

Yamcha: Wow! My 'Y' is getting powerful!

> The blast overwhelmed
>Humolen and knocked him in the air. The character took another blast
>his hands and shot it up. He continously hot blasts up in the air.

Gohan: Hey, it sounds like Vegeta's talking again.
Vegeta: And what's that supposed to mean, brat?

>then flew up above Humolen, knocked him towards the ground where no
>else was near and yelled "Kaolhu mutiplied by thirty! Matako!"

Gohan: Ah! Important audio clue! The character is from Uzbekistan! (puts away the "Carmen Sandiego Atlas.")

> A
>colorful circly blast quickly came towards Humolen. It blinded
>and then knocked him out. "Destructo Disc, engage!" He threw one and
>knocked off Humolen's ears.

Trunks: So, the Destructo Disc split in two and cut off his ears?
Vegeta: No, it went through his head and got them both.
Trunks: But, poppa, that would kill him.
Vegeta: Only if he needed a brain to function. Have you seen any evidence of that?

> Finally, he shouted "Matako doubled!" He
>shot a larger blast and when the sky cleared, Humolen was out dead.
>had gone to the HFIL.

Gohan: Where?
Trunks: The Home for Infinite Losers. Your dad went there once.
Gohan: (incredulously) He did?

> Traj came to his mom and dad. "Mom, dad, are
>all right?" "Son. You are so strong yet so incredibly young. My five
>year old boy. I've missed you so much," said Pan. "Great job Traj.
>so proud of you," said Trunks. "Super Saiyan level 4 already! WOW!"

Vegeta: (froths like crazy) NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! (flashes Super Saiyan)
Everybody else: (moves several seats away from him)

>"Well, I recently could only reach level 3. I just got level 4,"
>replied Traj. "That's still impressive. To reach level 3 by age 5 is
>extremely impressive.

Vegeta: (snarls) Try impossible!

> Especially with this as your first real
>"Thanks dad." Turkal blew an enormous, unexpecting blast at all that
>was fighting and went to Traj.

Trunks: What was the blast expecting?
Gohan: I thought we weren't doing grammar flames.
Trunks: Some things are beyond mortal endurance.

> "So the little baby thinks he's all
>that, huh? Black haired muscle boy. Not even a Super Saiyan. No
>hair and you think you're cool?" teased Turkal. "Fool. I'm at level
>4. It's not a true Super Saiyan level so I have black hair," answered
>"Well, then. Why are your parents about to die?" Turkal shot a huge
>blast at Trunks and Pan. They were dead. "AHHHHH!!!!!!!!You killed my

Trunks: Too many exclamation points.


Trunks: Way too many exclamation points.


Gohan: Thirty-eight h's.
Trunks: And still too many exclamation points.
Vegeta: Who was commenting about obsession with detail before?

> "Oh I'm sorry. I
>didn't think it would make such a big difference." "Take this." Traj
>shot a Kamehameha at Turkal and began punching him. He used a Matako
>a Kaio-Ken times 70. Turkal was weakened, but he was stronger than
>Humolen and Traj as well. He blocked his shots and shot a huge blast
>Traj to make up for his own pain. Traj became extremely mad.

>Chapter 16: The End?

All: YES!!

>Traj started changing. His hair started to turn back to gold, and he
>was muscular with even more packs and abs. He had muscly arms and

Gohan: I'd say something, but my brain has gone numb.
Trunks: What are in his packs, anyway?
Vegeta: (dryly) Musclies, obviously.

>hair that was pure gold. He was way stronger than before. Everyone,
>even Goku and Arbo, stopped and looked. "Why, he's going to another
>super saiyan level," said Goku. "Level 5! And it's a true super
>form!" Turkal looked in awe. He knew he was in trouble. "You killed
>parents, and now you will die!" shouted Traj.

Gohan: (shaking his head) 'You killed my father, prepare to die', just sounds so much better.
Trunks: (sinks into his seat, muttering something about obscure

> Turkal caught his ego

Trunks: His ego had been flying off, so that it's fear of being taken down wouldn't come about.

>looked tough. "HA! Looks like you're going through puberty a little
>early, boy." "You're going down." He formed a Kadamo. He was risky
>about it, but it was as strong as a Genki-Dama. He had a feeling
>that he could kill himself, but he was certain.

Vegeta: Suicide is not the best option for saving your planet, boy.

> He began forming a
>around his head. Then, his whole body turned red. He dissapeared.
>"Well, I guess your saiyan boy went to the next dimension by himself,"
>said Turkal, hiding his fright.

Gohan: (Turkal) No one must see my fright! It's much too rare and beautiful for anyone else to see!
Yamcha: That made no sense whatsoever.

> Traj appeared behind him. He waited
>Turkal to turn around, and he kicked him in the stomach. Turkal began
>flying. Traj formed a ball larger than himself and threw it at
>The air cleared.

Gohan: His amazing new anti-air pollution technique worked!

> Turkal was badly hurt, and he felt weak. Traj was
>suprised. "Errr...I thought I would have nailed him on that. I had a
>feeling that I didn't charge enough." "That hurt boy. Obey your
>and stop this. I'm afraid I have to give you far worse than a

Yamcha: (mutters) I refuse to go there... I refuse to go there... I will not go there!
Gohan: (Traj) That's okay, my mom didn't give me enough spankings when I was a kid!

> Self-Destruct. I have exactly no power left though
>"Come on boy. Let's go." Traj charged at Turkal. All of a sudden,
>Turkal launched a massive self-destruction at everyone except Arbo.
>traj was in the middle of it all.

Yamcha: ...and was instantly stripped of his capital 'T' by the blast!

>Chapter 17: Escaped!

Vegeta: Damn!

>The air cleared. Everyone of earth's strongest forces had been hit.
>Goku was on the ground, weakly. Vegeta had unfortunately died from

Vegeta: At last! I'm free!

>Kento and Kenta were both dead along with the fused
>Krilen. Venix was dead as well. Chaozu and Yamcha were dead. Goten
>dead but Tien, who got seperated after the fuse ran out was barely
>alive. Gohan was unconscious. In the midst there stood two men.
>and Arbo. Traj was bruised up and with a tattered shirt. Arbo was
>hurt. Goku threw him in the destruction with him.

Trunks: That's all?!
Gohan: 96 words does not a chapter make.

>Chapter 18: The Battle for Survival

Trunks: Hopefully, Traj will lose it.
Vegeta: Dare to dream.
Gohan: You said that already.
Vegeta: Don't be a smart aleck, brat.

>Traj and Arbo looked one another in the eye. "You better leave my
>granddad, greatgranddad, and Tien out of this fight." "I'm not gonna
>fight you first. There's still a Samorak left. I want to see a
>one-on-one fight." "ERRR...fine. Only if you promise not to touch
>"Sure. I'll shake on it. The two went to one another and Traj put up
>his hand. Arbo suddenly took it and threw Traj up in the air.
>"Samorak Attack!"

Gohan: Jupiter Thunder Crash!
Yamcha: Venus Love Chain Encircle!
Gohan: (looks oddly at Yamcha) Where did you get that from?
Vegeta: His hentai collection that you keep threatening to delete.
Trunks: (turns red and tries to hide under his chair)
Vegeta: It won't work.

> The creature went up in the air after traj. Traj wasn't
> He merely looked down and shot a energy blast. The Samorak blew up
>into pieces on top of Arbo.

Trunks: At least the androids don't skeet-shoot with live humans.
Raditz: Vegeta does. Just ask Nappa... and Kiwi... and Dodoria.
Trunks: (eyes narrow) You're one of Poppa's Saiyans, aren't you?
Raditz: (fades away laughing)

> "Well, he was horribly weakened anyway."
>"Let's go Arbo." "All right boy. I agree." Both started fusing at the
>same time.

Trunks: With who? Each other?
Gohan: Won't that make it hard to fight?

> Arbo shot a blast at Traj. Traj shot his own blast.

Gohan: They ARE fused together!

> Both
>were fighting to get the other one to get hit by the blast. Traj was
>hit. "Oooof...Matako! Kaio-Ken times 75!" Arbo shot back and he was
>overpowered. They started going hand to hand. Gohan woke up.

Gohan: It was all a bad dream.

> He and
>Goku watched. "Go, Gohan. You are too weak. Take Tien with you."
>dad." Gohan walked to Tien. They flew to the Kame House. Meanwhile,
>Traj shot Arbo into a cactus. This got him extremely angry and hurt.

Yamcha: That's one vicious cactus!

>Traj used this time to form a Kadamo. he hoped that he could form one
>large enough to give Arbo the bad side.

Trunks: What?
Vegeta: Kadamos have a good side and a bad side. Like the light and dark side of the Force.
Trunks: Huh?
Vegeta: And I thought I was the last person on this planet to see those movies with those stupid aliens. The cantina scene was accurate, but not much else.

> Arbo shot an energy blast

Yamcha: It's not pregnant? That's good.

> Traj didn't expect this and changed his attack to a
>Matako. He added a Kaio-Ken times 45 to give the edge. It overpowered
>Arbo. Traj was getting weaker but Arbo was more hurt. "Solar Flare!"
>yelled Traj. He blinded the evil doer. Traj hid behind a rock that
>two times his side.

Yamcha: Is that the same rock that Vegeta was distracting people behind?
Gohan: You have a deletion wish, don't you?
Yamcha: What did I say?

> He started charging a Kadamo in his right hand.
>add some more hurting, he formed a Dehmehgeh in his left hand.

Vegeta: If it's hurting, stop! Idiot.
Yamcha: Well, maybe he's a masochist.

> It
>about five minutes for Arbo to get back together. He opened his left
>and looked for Traj. "Where is that little rodent!?

Gohan: I thought we killed the little rodent already.
Trunks: What little rodent?
Gohan: That purple squirrel thingy that exploded all over Arbo's head.
Trunks: I thought they were 'giant' purple squirrels.
Gohan: Oh.

> I'll get you
>boy." Traj was almost ready. "Well, how about me attacking your great,
>grand pop. After all, we really didn't shake on it." Traj finished
>charging. He shouted Kaio-Ken times 100 in rage. He popped out and
>gave him a kick in the groin and another in the gut. As Arbo was
>back, he threw his Dehmehgeh at him. It nailed him and sent him

Yamcha: Who threw what at who?
Trunks: (bugged eyes) Who went flying?

> He hurried to get behind him.

Vegeta: Either Arbo is spinning in circles and flinging himself through the air, or they're both flying through the air.

> Then, he threw the Kadamo right at

Gohan: I say they're still fused. And they're trying to kill each other the hard way.
Yamcha: Works for me.

>The air cleared. In the midst there was a horribly weak Arbo
>"Errrr...You little. Hmmm..." Arbo flew to Goku. "I'm gonna leave
>little boy, but I'm taking Kakarot with me." Arbo used all his
>and quickly flew away. "Oh, and don't come after me, or the last pure
>Saiyan goes."

Trunks: Goes where?
Yamcha: The next dimension, of course.
Trunks: You mean the afterlife?
Yamcha: No, I mean the next dimension, future boy.

> Traj stood in anger. Goku was too weak so one blow
>kill him. He wondered what Goku was doing.

Vegeta: Probably lying on the ground in pain, if he's that weak.

>Chapter 19: The Other Saiyan

>Arbo went to his ship. No one was there at all except lying bodies.

Trunks: The liars! They're not really dead, they're just faking it.

>noticed one weak person. "Arbo, help me. vegeta broke out. Tell the
>others." "Fool. You yet him free. A idiot like you doesn't deserve

Gohan: Once more an evil villain demonstrates his inability to grasp the fact that you can't conquer a planet without an army.
Vegeta: Sure you can. Arbo looks powerful enough to kill everyone on a planet.
Gohan: I said 'conquer' not 'slaughter'.

> He started the last power he had and killed him.

Gohan: (Arbo) Of course, now that I'm so low on power that I can barely fly, I'll waste that last bit by pointlessly killing an underling.

> "There. Now
>I'll put Kakarot in the chamber. He's too weak. There must have been
>some way that Vegeta got stronger."

Trunks: Maybe it was when you put him in the regeneration tank! No wait, that couldn't possibly be it!

> Arbo went to his own rejuvanating
>place. He wired himself and waited. In ten minutes, he was restored.
>Traj decided to go to the Kame House and then go after Goku. There
>no point of attacking when he wasn't that strong. Besides, he knew
>went to his ship and he must be healing. At the Kame House, Gohan and
>Tien were fine from Senzu beans. Traj took three and ate one. He
>one more. Then, he left.

Gohan: (author) Then, he left. No... How about "Then, he left." Nope. I know! I'll just leave it completely without any emphasis! That will stun the readers for sure!

> Gohan and Tien stayed behind because they
>weren't as strong. "He is greater than Goku," whispered Tien. "Yes, he
>is," replied Gohan. "Strange, isn't it?"

Vegeta: Impossible, isn't it?
Trunks: You forget, he's the author's character.

> Meanwhile, Arbo went to
>He punched him to knock him out and put him in a lab. He connected
>to a machine. "Luckily, this Saiyan clone machine is untouched.

Yamcha: Saiyan clone machine?
Gohan: It's either for cloning Saiyans, or it's a Saiyan-built clone machine.
Trunks: It's a Saiyan-built clone machine.
Gohan: Your mom isn't a Saiyan.
Trunks: So?
Gohan: She's the only one with the technological know-how to make one. Or maybe it's just a malfunctioning transporter.
Yamcha: (muttering) Trekkie...

>Hehhehheh..." In five minutes, there was a fully strengthed, evil
>looking Goku and a weak, tattered, good sided Goku. Clones...

>Chapter 20: Death

Gohan: (hopefully) For Traj, right?

>"HA! An evil person is stronger than a good guy. Now I shall kill
>Kakarot. With your clone, I will defeat your dumb relative.

Gohan: Which one?
Vegeta: Goten? Traj? Raditz? No, he's dead already.
Trunks: Who's Raditz?
Everybody else: (looks at Trunks oddly)

> Now to
>die." He charger a energy beam.

Gohan: If my head suddenly explodes, please don't revive me with the Dragonballs.
Vegeta: Told you there was one sure way to escape.
Raditz: You're going to beat that to death, aren't you?
Raditz: (smirks and fades away)

> "This is something I'm very happy to
>do." "NO!!!!!" shouted Goku. "HAHAHAHHA!!!!!" "Take this!" yelled Traj
>as he punched Arbo. He used a Kaio-Ken and a Matako. Arbo pushed him
>back and said, "You vs. me and my friend. Let's call him the Kakorot

Vegeta: Let's not.

> "No, I'm healing my great-grandpa." Traj went to Goku and gave
>him a senzu bean. "What the! How in the world?" Goku stood up in full
>strength. "Thanks Traj. I owe you," Goku said meanigly."

Gohan: I will not complain about the spelling and grammar. I will not complain about the spelling and grammar. I will not complain about the spelling and grammar.

> "Well
>all touchy, but me and Arbo

Gohan: AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! The grammar!
Vegeta: I thought you said that you wouldn't complain about the grammar.
Gohan: That was then, this is now.

> can take you down," said Kakorot Copy.
>"Let's take this outside. This isn't a good place to fight," replied

Vegeta: I think fighting inside my enemy's spaceship and blowing holes in it is a great idea.

> "I like it fine," answered Arbo.

Vegeta: I dearly wish Frieza had been that stupid.

> The two looked at each other.
>"Goku, take on your clone. That might help me from being confused.
>besides, I'm already better than Arbo, and we're stronger since we

Yamcha: Wait. Traj was saying that?
Vegeta: I guess he's the 'dumb relative'.

> "All right Traj. I'll start it off." "Not so fast, clone,"
>answered the copy. He launched a Kamehameha. Goku launched one back.
>The two were wagering.

Gohan: (Arbo) Ten credits says Kakarott Copy wins.
Gohan: (Traj) No, ten zenni says Goku wins.
Gohan: (shaking his head) I'm not ever doing both sides of the conversation again.

> Goku shouted for a Kaio-Ken attack, but the
>said Kaio-Ken times 2 just in time.

Gohan: (Copy) I'll see your 1, and raise you 2.

> Goku was knocked back. Traj was
>watching what was happening. Arbo attacked him unexpectantly

Yamcha: Arbo's not pregnant either.

> and
>launched a energy beam from his eye. Traj was blinded. "HAHAHA!
>I can do what you did boy. Now let's see. My Cutter's Edge will hurt
>you for sure."

Yamcha: Fer sure, man...

> Goku was too busy fighting his copy to do anything. He
>exchanged Kamehamehas, Kaio-kens, and hand-to-hand combat. Goku
>launched a Kaio-Ken times 50 and kncoked his copy into a rejuvanating
>machine. The copy launched an energy beam out and knocked Goku
> Goku decided to charge a Genki-Dama. Arbo had charged a long sword.

Yamcha: How do you charge a weapon? And why would you want to when you are a weapon?
Trunks: Their Visa accounts were both canceled when Visa security noted the unusual activity.
Gohan: You don't have The Wrath of Khan, but you have Visa?
Trunks: And Mastercard.

>was laughing. "HAHAHA!!! You are useless without hands. That's what
>you'll lose with this." Just as Arbo aimed for Traj's right hand, Traj
>opened his eyes and launched a MAtako. He then charged a Destructo
>and said, "Here's something in replacement for your Cutter's edge."

Gohan: (Traj) And I'll throw in a free Ginyu knife. Now how much would you pay?

>threw the Destructo Disc. Arbo, in quick reflew, threw the Edge at
>disc. The two collided and started breaking apart with lots of
>machines flying everywhere.

Yamcha: The two what? The Destructo Disk and the Cutting Edge, or Arbo and Traj?
Gohan: (eyes closed) Shh. I'm trying to picture this.

> Traj lost his left arm while Arbo lost a
>right leg.

Yamcha: Must have been Arbo and Traj. See, they're breaking apart.
Vegeta: (mildly impressed) Your humor is getting downright Saiyan.

> Meanwhile, the copy broke out the door

Trunks: What, did Goku lock the door on his way out?

> and looked around
>Goku. He used Ki to sense Goku in the water. He stayed back, but he
>knew where Goku was. He was just being careful. Goku came out with a
>Kaio-Ken times 60. With spare time, he formed a Genki-Dama.

Gohan: Also, in his spare time, he knitted some doileys.
Vegeta: Most villains actually stand there and watch Kakarott hold his arms in the air, don't they?

> He threw
>it at the copy and continuosly punched him. Traj charged a Dehmehgeh.
>He hid it behind him and acted like he lost both arms.

Yamcha: ...and had had a lobotomy.
Vegeta: Or had been snacked upon by one of the brain-eating bugs of Klendathu VI.

> He started
>his feet to attack. Right when he was about to throw it, Arbo
>a eye beam.

Trunks: At least, he didn't throw eyes at Traj.
Gohan: You just have some lovely stories to tell, don't you?

> Traj threw the Dehmehgeh and knocked him back. Arbo flew

Gohan: I think it's over.


SoP Interior

Trunks sat down in a recliner, munching on a ham sandwich, while keeping an eye on Gohan. Gohan was busy finding out where the URL Yamcha had given him went.

A few seconds later, Vegeta came in, also with a ham sandwich and sank down on the couch. Yamcha walked in a bit later, muttering something about how hard it was going to be to replace his missing manga. He growled slightly before sitting down.

Suddenly, Gohan called out,"That's it! Your account is going down, your hentai is being deleted, and I'm burning your manga when I find them, Yamcha!"

"WHAT?! Oh no, you don't," Yamcha hurriedly walked over to the computer and tried to talk to Gohan.

"I wonder what he was looking at?" Trunks asked idly.

"Some site called 'I Love You, Mr. Piccolo'," was Vegeta's only comment on the matter.

Suddenly, a viewscreen popped down. "Hello, guinea pigs, and how was the experiment?"

"Painful. Hey, how come you gave us Internet accounts, anyway?" Trunks asked.

Dr. Gero drew himself up. "I'm a man of science! It is important to know what a Saiyan acts like when trapped in a satellite from which it has no hope of escaping."


"And who was that long-haired guy? He reminded me of one of Goku's early opponents, but it can't be him. He was killed."

"Oh, that was my Uncle Raditz," Gohan offered from the computer.

"That was Raditz? That long-haired hippy type was Raditz? Why didn't anyone tell me?" Trunks yelled from his recliner.

Dr. Gero backs up just the slightest. "Indeed. Why did you wish him back, after you went to all that trouble to kill him?"

"We didn't. He's still dead."

Twilight Zone music plays.

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