Bath Time Reflector

* * *

Ravage gave them very explicit orders to take Reflector out of the ship and keep him away until the next day. He'd left the how up to Rumble and Frenzy, since he had his own hows to worry about it.

For reasons that weren't terribly clear to either cassette, this led to them trying to drown- ah, bathe Reflector. In a natural mountain lake. Quite against his will. Which was why it could be easily mistaken for a drowning gone horribly wrong. Or a game of watery whack-a-camera that the cassettes seemed to be losing, as one Reflector component had shimmied up a tree and was shooting at them.

Well, had been shooting at them before Megatron came along and demanded an explanation.

Trust us, boss, those "innocent" little cassetticon faces said. We know what we're doing.

Behind his hologram of Megatron, Hound facepalmed.